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Easy And Quick Ways To Make PDF Files Smaller

PDF files are famous all across the globe, and there are many reasons why this format is considered to be important. We cannot deny the pros of the PDF format, but you must also know that this format has some drawbacks, which sometimes make it annoying for users to manage it.

One of the biggest problems you can face while managing PDF files is their size. Large PDF files can be annoying as you cannot read, upload, share or open them on different devices. If you have received or created a large PDF file, you need to find some ways to make PDF files smaller. In this article, we will tell you about the quick and easy ways to reduce PDF size.

Save as reduced size PDF with Adobe

If your PDF files are large, the quickest way to reduce the size is to save the file again in the reduced size version. This is a very simple way, and you can easily try it out if you have the adobe acrobat on your device. The shrinking process is quite simple; you have to open the large PDF file with adobe on your device.

Once you open the document, you see the ‘file’ menu on the top. Click on the file menu and find the ‘save as other’ option. In the save as menu, you will find the ‘reduced size PDF’ option. Adobe would immediately resave your file and get rid of all the extra bits and the unused spaces. Here, you should know that you would also see some compromise in the quality of the images and signatures (if any).

Use online PDF compressors

One of the modern and quickest ways to reduce PDF size is by using a PDF compressor online. This method is free, quick, and easiest in this league. Here you should know that you need a browser and a strong web connection to compress PDF file to the minimum level. You have to search for the best PDF compressor online, and open it on your browser. On the PDF compressor, you would find the options to upload large PDF files. Upload the PDF file and select the level of compression. 

These tools usually offer two modes of compression; these include lossy and lossless. In lossy compression, you would see that the quality of the file would have been tampered with a bit. In contrast, lossless compression is the one in which the quality and format of the file are protected. After selecting the compression mode, you have to click on the ‘compress PDF’ button. The tool would immediately start shrinking the file and get a new reduced version in less than ten seconds. 

Reduce the size of the PDF file with Word

PDF files are created from MS Word, so you can easily use Word to save the file in a smaller size. You can use the save as option of Word to create a fairly smaller file compared to the original one. You have to open a blank word file on your system and use the open option of Word to open the large PDF file.

To open a PDF with Word, you would have to grant permission to Word to create a new copy of the same PDF file. After you enable Word, it will change the contents of the PDF file in Word. You can remove all the unnecessary elements in the document and save the file with the minimum size version. You have to use the save as menu to save the file again in PDF; in the save as type menu, you will see the ‘publishing online’ option. Click on it as this would save the file in the minimum size.

Downsample the visual content used in the PDF file

Today we live in a world filled with digital content, so there is always a chance that the large PDF file you have would have high quality and other visuals in it. Suppose you don’t care about the quality of the images in the file. In that case, you can easily reduce the quality of the image.

This would help you reduce the size of the overall PDF file. You can easily use a digital PDF optimizer or application for downsampling images. Some common ways to reduce the image size are by zipping them or changing them to smaller-sized formats like WebP or JPEG. 

End words

Manual compression methods are undoubtedly simple, but you must know that they are not that effective. They can be very time-consuming, especially if you have a complete batch of large files to compress. If you want a free, reliable, and efficient way of compressing PDF files, you need to try PDF compressor online.

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