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Coworking vs. Managed Offices in India: Unraveling the Workspace Conundrum

Over the years, the layout of corporate offices has undergone a significant change. People prefer coworking space or managed space as their first choice for an office setup. A coworking space is a shared office space where people work, collaborate, and share resources. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the occupancy rates of coworking spaces have increased to 85%, according to a recent survey.

There seems to be a sudden change happening in the way businesses operate. People are showing great resilience in returning to work, which is causing companies to shift towards a coworking culture. These office spaces have changed the way companies have been operating so far. They can adapt to a flexible working environment that suits all.

Future of Coworking Spaces

In recent years, the popularity of coworking spaces has increased significantly in the Indian market. In 2021, there were only 27 million square feet of area for this kind of office space, whereas in 2023, it grew to 47 million square feet. In India, there are around a million service office seats. The average density per seat is 45 square feet, and the average cost is INR 9500.

The future holds strong for these office spaces in India. By 2025, the total office space area is expected to grow to an exceptional height. The reason behind this growth is the increase in flexible and affordable office space needs for small and large businesses and start-ups.

Coworking vs. Managed – How Are They Different?

Managed office spaces, such as a business center, are typically private and are exclusively used by a single company. In contrast, coworking spaces are shared by multiple individuals or teams. Managed spaces provide customization options to cater to a company’s specific requirements, instilling a sense of ownership for the occupants.

ikeva custom-designed managed office space that aligns with their preferences and needs is a simple process. This exclusive arrangement ensures the confidentiality of private conversations and client interactions while enabling teams to operate without interruption.

Benefits of Coworking or Managed Spaces

Here are some benefits of working in one of these setups:

  • Cost-Effective – These spaces are often more cost-effective than traditional office spaces and offer flexible rental options for companies..
  • Networking opportunities – Coworking spaces offer opportunities for professionals from diverse industries to connect and collaborate, leading to improved business prospects and relationships.
  • Community – When you work in a flex space, such as coworking, you build a sense of community that can greatly benefit productivity and well-being.
  • Flexibility – Plug-and-play office space frequently includes flexible leasing options, allowing businesses to grow or shrink as required. They also provide services that may help companies save time and money, such as meeting spaces, high-speed internet, and office supplies.

Why is there a Need for Coworking or Managed Spaces?

Traditional workplaces are uninspired, and distracting. However, coworking/ managed workspaces encourage productivity and innovation. Coworking facilities, in particular, can significantly increase production levels with motivated personnel

Furthermore, having access to various workspaces—including private offices, public areas, and dedicated desks in managed spaces—allows one to choose the best environment for each task, enhancing productivity and concentration.

Working in Coworking Spaces in Hyderabad can foster a creative and innovative environment as professionals from various industries exchange ideas and viewpoints, leading to new approaches to problem-solving.

 An Important Factor to Consider While Choosing

When choosing between coworking or managed office space, the most crucial factor is the location. It can determine the success of your business. While offering flexible options is desirable, setting up these offices in non-popular areas or non-commercial districts may not be conducive to their success.


The decision between managed offices and coworking spaces is crucial in India’s workspace environment.  While managed offices offer stability and customization, coworking spaces provide flexibility and a sense of community.

Organizations need to understand their requirements while dealing with this predicament. The choice affects company culture, productivity, and teamwork, influencing how India’s changing workplace develops.

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