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5 Best Laptops For Home in 2024

Recently, game consoles and desktop computers with powerful video cards on board have become the most popular on the market. But everyone began to forget about convenient work machines for remote work and “VKshechka”. In the meantime, there is a stable demand for them, which means our material will be very useful.

What is a home computer? This is the kind of machine that should carry all the “charms” of the early 2020s – surfing the Internet, working in text editors, remote work in Excel and 1C, Zoom and, of course, YouTube and TV series. At first glance, it may seem that there are a lot of such offers on the market. But you shouldn’t make hasty conclusions.

The choice is huge, and this is precisely the main difficulty – among a bunch of models you need to find a laptop that meets the requirements of a home workhorse. And here you have to focus not so much on the power of the processor or the amount of RAM, but on the ratio of the characteristics of the device and its cost. We have selected several interesting laptops in different price categories. 

MacBook Air (2020 and newer)

If you carefully study the actual capabilities of this laptop and read how the manufacturer positions it, and not follow the lead of particularly aggressive opponents of Apple from the forums, then the MacBook rightfully becomes the best on this list. Just not the most expensive Pro, but the “people’s” Air, which can be considered the standard in the world of ultrabooks. Especially now that Apple has upgraded these devices to excellent Retina displays and very powerful Silicon processors .

Why is that? Let’s explain the choice briefly and in three points.

Firstly, macOS no longer has compatibility problems – now all popular programs can be found for this OS. Starting from browsers to various utilities. Secondly, MacBooks have excellent quality displays with a convenient 16:10 ratio – the screen is slightly elongated vertically, which increases the usable area in test editors and browsers. Owners of widescreen monitors with a small diagonal will appreciate it. Thirdly, these are powerful M1 and newer processors that can compete with desktop chips from Intel and AMD. 

Xiaomi Book 14

The famous Chinese tech giant proved to the world that not everything Chinese is bad and stereotypical. Xiaomi has made a name for itself with excellent smartphones and continues to do so in other categories. Including in the laptop segment – Xiaomi Book 14, which is called the “killer” of MacBooks, recently went on sale. And there is a reason for it.

Let’s start with the fact that outwardly the new Xiaomi laptops look identical to the MacBook Pro. Haters will call it a shame, but why come up with a standard twice. Therefore, we do not condemn copying the “Apple” design at all, and we are even glad that now convenience and aesthetic pleasure can be obtained not only through MacBooks.

It has a monolithic aluminum body, display hinges that open 180° and pass the famous one-hand lift test, and a nice 14-inch IPS display with a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels and a pixel density of 242 ppi. For Retina this value is only 227 ppi. The Xiaomi screen also supports 120 Hz and Dolby Vision. In a word, it is very bright, rich and smooth. For home purposes, this is the main aspect, and the processor power and RAM in these laptops are definitely enough for work.


Recently, only good things have been heard about HUAWEI – the company outwitted the United States and managed to circumvent tough sanctions. And for several years in a row, this global brand has been making smartphones with the best cameras, and now it is actively pursuing competitors in the laptop market. Moreover, the manufacturer can afford to produce not one or two devices, but several models with different diagonals and equally good quality.

The HUAWEI line includes MateBook laptops – this is something like Apple’s MacBook and Xiaomi’s Book. This is a concept that all devices are good at. There are models for every budget and for any task – options with several screen diagonals, as well as different characteristics.

Before adding laptops to the selection, we studied not only the hardware specifications, but also the user experience. And he says the most balanced offerings are the D15 models, which offer a classic 15.6-inch FullHD display. This is quite enough to obtain good image quality, as well as acceptable performance. This is because the processor’s built-in graphics will strain less when processing 1080p images.

But the D15 isn’t the only good performer among the MateBooks. If you pay a little extra, you can get a model with a 14-inch display, but with a higher resolution. The range also includes options with 16 inches and top-end Intel Core i9 processors. In general, there is something for every taste.

Maibenben X556

With the departure of some global brands, new manufacturers from China have entered the Pakistan market. And these are not HUAWEI or Xiaomi, but very young players – for example, Maibenben. This brand came up trumps and immediately supplied inexpensive gaming laptops to Pakistan. This is exactly the case when you need a full-fledged computer, but the budget allocated for this matter is small.

If by “home use” you mean not only hanging out on social networks, but also playing games, then this option will be an excellent replacement for a game console or entry-level gaming computer. There is a Ryzen 5 5600H with 6 cores and a laptop RTX 3050. This is enough to play modern projects at medium graphics settings. And also get some work done and some things done.

In general, this laptop was included in the selection not only because of its good specifications and affordable price, but also because it can be upgraded. After all, now not every device supports changing RAM and has space for an additional SSD drive. In a word, amateurs will have something to tinker with .

HONOR MagicBook 14

The beauty of modern laptop lines, for example, HUAWEI, is that devices with different technical characteristics can be produced in a unified design and with the same quality of materials. This makes the selection process easier, because the buyer only needs to point his finger at the model he likes, and the rest is a matter of technology. More precisely, the choice of configuration.

The system is built similarly at HONOR, a subsidiary of HUAWEI. The manufacturer has a line of MagicBooks, which includes several models for every taste, color and budget. Traditionally, we try to consider models with a 14-inch matrix, because it is compact and convenient for working in mobile conditions – on a sofa, terrace or balcony.

In this category, there is the HONOR MagicBook 14 NMH-WFP9HN model, which boasts quite serious hardware. This baby is equipped with a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor with a built-in Vega 8 video card. This, of course, is not a top-end gaming build, but the performance of such a bundle is enough not only for working with text or databases, but also for retouching photos in Photoshop. Moreover, it has 16 GB of dual-channel RAM and fast M.2 with NVME support. They say that Windows starts here in just a couple of seconds.

We chose exactly this model for our tasks. If you need a weaker or even more powerful MagicBook, just open the list of “honors” on the website and choose whatever you want – they are all good.

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