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How to buy the best UV flashlight in 2024

UV flashlight are amazing tools to view things that are not visible to the human eye. But there are so many technicalities and varieties that it might be hard to know which is the best one.

Factors to consider before buying

Buying the best UV flashlight is not as simple as it sounds. You need to have a right idea about the product. You should also know what is the top innovative technology in the market to get the best one. If you don’t know how to do that we have made a buying guide to help you in purchase. So let’s begin.


UV flashlights like Arkfeld Pro Flat EDC flashlight are meant for different objectives. Some people want it for their bedroom/house to keep it very clean from the little droppings/fluids etc. Some people have pets at home, pets generally urinate, shed their body skin, or time salivate on the rug/floor. To keep a track of all these things people buy the lights.

Additional, it is used by police for inspection of crime areas. So, basically, you need to view what is your use and then find a model accordingly.


UV wavelengths can range between 10nm to 500nm. The little the wavelength the excellent the visibility, the human eye cannot view wavelengths under 385nm. It is because our eyes do not have receptors that would let us view the UV rays. So, we need UV lights to view fluids/objects of all these types. When buying a UV light you need to check for its wavelength because different substances fluorescence under different wavelengths. For the most successful use you need to focus on a light that has little wavelength.

Battery operation time

The item varies when it comes to the power supply. Some of them need a USB charging, power supply and some work on batteries. The batteries number they need depends on the size of diodes/LEDs they have. The battery life is a vital factor. You need to ensure that the things that you are choosing should at least have a battery operation time of twelve hours.


This is another important thing you need to consider. If you want a very strong light then there are chances you will get in a huge size. A big size model would have more number of LEDs/diodes. You can relate the size to your need. If you want to carry along you need an item which is portable and vice-versa. Check your needs and then pick a size accordingly.


When you are purchasing the production, budget is forever a consideration. Most people know what they will get in the budget that they have picked. It is necessary that you sort out a budget for yourself as in the market you will find a lot of best expensive products, budget-friendly products, and medium-range products.


These lights are used for a lot of objectives and professional applications. They are listed as follows:

Use by investigations or police team or forensic departments to find proofs. These proof are found generally with saliva, semen, or other bodily fluids.

To find body fluids like blood and saliva. The body fluids glow under UV light. This makes it simple to collect proof at the crime scene.

Finding pet stains. Dogs and cats owner struggle to find their pets fluids and urine mainly if they rug spread all over the home. A UV light can glow the waste fluids and dried stain to keep your rug/carpet and home tidy and clean.

With this, you can check whether your hotel or bedroom is clean or not.

People use it for home check. With this you can view whether your home is in best condition without holes, cracks, leaks in the HVAC system, gas pipes, etc.

If you are going on a hunting trip, or any other open-air activity. You have to ensure your site is safe from scorpions. Scorpions bite is every risky to humans. Scorpions glow under low light situations. So, you can use the light to spot out scorpions near or in your camp.

These lights also help to identify a fake item. Most of the real product have invisible tags which you can just spot under UV lights. To ensure, you go the real one, these lights come out extremely handy.


Are UV lights risky?

The low power UV lights emitted by black lights are not bad for skin and you can see them without any protection. It is just strong ultraviolent sources present are risky to eyes and skin. You should forever use them with gloves and goggles.

Do UV flashlight kills bacteria?

UVB and UV A light can kill some germs, bacteria, and other little microorganisms but are mostly ineffective against viruses. Most of the UV torches that are meant for general human use and are not successful against bacteria and germs.

Can a UV flashlight burn you?

UV light is no doubt bad but it also depends on its wavelengths. The lights meant for human uses are made keeping in mind but the UV rays strengths. The items have UV light limit that is safe for human use.

What can a UV flashlight notice?

The UV lights are used to detect a lot of thing at hotel or home like leaked fluids, pet urine, stains, insects, pet dropping, bugs, etc. They are also used in forensic investigations. It detects semen, blood, urine, and saliva for finding proof.

Where all you can use UV light?

These gadgets work with almost all surfaces indoors or outdoors. You can use them inside the house on fabrics, walls, rug, carpet, porcelain, titles, etc, to find fluids/stains.

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