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A Guideline To Design Custom Hat Boxes

custom hat boxes

Running an apparel brand and launching a new product? Is your new product a hat? Do you want your hats to fly off the shelves? If yes then it is time for you to launch your new product by using custom hat boxes. With the help of these boxes, you can get surprising results and wondrous sales. 

If you wnat your hats to be the priority of the buyers then design your boxes in a way that can make your product unavoidable to the customers. The look of the boxes is a significant determinant of the overall sales of a company and when you get the option of custom boxes then never miss that opportunity as it is an excellent way to design the boxes as per the specific requirement of your products. 

Ask your custom hat boxes wholesale service provider to manufacture you boxes that are high quality, that give an excellent display to your hats, and make your hats different than the others. In this blog, we will tell you how you can design your boxes to accelerate the sale of your hat. 

Select A Sturdy Foundation 

A sturdy foundation of packaging is a vital aspect that you must never miss while getting your boxes. Sa sturdy foundation means that your elected material for boxes must be premium in quality so that it can be printed, molded, shaped, and die-cut easily. 

No matter how much your custom printed hat boxes look attractive. If its quality is poor then you can not keep the product safe. Particularly if you are selling leather hats then you must know that leather needs protection and the best plus an economical way to do so is the use of high-quality material for your boxes. 

The custom boxes market runs on paper-based material and you must abide by this selection of industry. You can use cardboard of thicker quantity that will give your hats high-end protection and will make it easy for you to impress the buyers. 

Never Neglect Sustainability 

While selecting luxury hat boxes, never ever neglect the sustainability aspect. Not only commercially but morally it is wrong to consume raw material that has a detrimental impact on the climate. Customers are now willing to pay a little extra for sustainable packaging boxes and have a high tendency to get products from brands that are avoiding unsustainable packaging practices. 


It is understandable that your packaging can never be 100% safe for the environment. But we can at least start with small steps and get boxes that are made from paper and print then use vegetable-based colors. You can use rigid mailer boxes, that will give a woody nature to your boxes and help you give premium protection to both the products and the planet. 

Print What You Sell 

 While designing the boxes, make sure that you are adding vibrant, catchy, and actual pictures of your products. This is necessary if you want the customers to be attracted by your brand. The catchy images on the boxes will make it easy for the customers to get a preview of your product. 

Printings on custom hat pacakging boxes will create a shelf appeal of your product and increase the chances of your product selection by the customers. 

Make The Boxes Your Brand Ambassador 

You can amke your boxes a brand ambassador. This is one of the most beneficial features that you shall keep in consideration at the time of your box design. Now you do not need to invest hefty amounts in the promotion of your brand as your custom hat boxes wholesale will do this for you free of cost.

Innovate With Different Box Styles 

You have opted for the option of box customization as you do not want to be like other brands. Get the full benefit of box customization and innovate by using different box styles. When it comes to the option of packaging personalization then the sky is the limit and you have to use the full potential by selecting a workable and unique style for your custom printed hat boxes

Be Chic With Coatings 

Now you have designed a perfect box, but how you will make sure that the perfection of your boxes will remain intact? The simplest and catchest thing that you can do now is use on hat boxes. You can give a chic look to your product by going with glossy or velvety coatings on the boxes. These coatings will make sure that the printed design and typography on your boxes do not fade with time. 

Wrap Up! 

Design your custom hat boxes and get the chance to lead the market. The attractive design, premium material, and logo of the boxes will help you increase the worth of your product. Box designing is an art and needs special attention if you really want to impress your customers and earn high sales.

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