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How to Make an Awesome Slideshow Video

Videos are the most used content form by businesses today. A massive chunk of the audience is hooked to videos; hence, their demand is quite high. However, creating a video might seem challenging as it has different elements like footage, audio, transitions, etc. If your company is new to video, you can start by creating simple videos. These videos will help you understand the impact of videos and the kind of content your audience prefers.

Slideshow videos are simple to create but can greatly impact your audience. The best thing about creating slideshow videos is that you can do it yourself. You don’t have to hire a video expert for the activity. Hence, it improves your ROI and also gives you profitable content. This guide will take you through a process using which you can make a great slideshow video.

Where are Slideshow Videos Used?

You can use a slideshow video to create an impact in several areas. It allows you to reach out to your audience and be creative simultaneously. These videos are easy on your eyes, and creating them is a cakewalk. There are different areas where slideshow videos can be used. Let’s have a look at some of these avenues.

Internal Communications

If you are looking for an effective way to pass on a message to the entire organization or motivate your employees after a crisis, a video is the best way to do that. You can create a slideshow video and share it with all the employees.

Event Highlights

Companies organize several events now and then. While watching thousands of pictures does not seem feasible, a slideshow video will help you get a glimpse of the entire event. Therefore, you can create one after every event and share it with all the stakeholders.

Employer Branding

A company always wants to showcase why it is the best employer and what makes them a coveted organization. You can use a slideshow video to contribute to the employer branding activity. You can use a slideshow maker to add different core principles of the company to create an engaging employer branding video.

About the Company

The company’s history, values, and ethics are the life and soul of any organization. Therefore, whenever you are representing the company on any platform, you need to establish an identity for the company. You can create an ‘about the company’ video to take people through your company’s story.

Creating a Slideshow Video

Now that you know the avenues to use a slideshow video, you need to know how to create one. You must follow a few steps to create a slideshow video that is impactful and aesthetically pleasing. These steps include:

Have a Script

A video without a script lacks direction. To have a video with seamless transitions, you need to write a script. A script will give a flow to the video and help you plan things better. Also, a script will give you a better idea of the areas you want to remove during the video editing process.

Once you have a script with you, you can create a storyboard for your slideshow video. You can use a slideshow maker to create a storyboard for your video. Also, if a slideshow video comprises a few short clips, you should have different scripts in place for all of these clips. You must read the script aloud before you record it.

Select the Right Clips and Pictures

While many of you might think you can create a slideshow only with pictures, that does not hold. You can create a slideshow video using pictures, clips, and a combination. Therefore, selecting all the elements you want to be a part of your video is important. You can create a separate folder to keep these elements aside.

The clips and the pictures you choose should convey your message. For instance, if you are creating an employer branding video, you must include a few employees who represent the message you are trying to convey.

Create a Structure

The structure of the video is quite important. Therefore, you should decide the sequence of all the elements you will add to a slideshow video. You should also decide on the places where you want to add text.

Different graphic elements can make your slideshow video even more exciting. Also, to ensure that all the video parts are well connected, you can add transitions. You can access these transitions on the slideshow maker you use to create the video.

Element of Branding

If you don’t add a touch of your company to your slideshow video, it will be like any other video. A slideshow video allows you to let your company be known to the audience. People are always looking forward to videos from their favorite companies, so you should capitalize on the opportunity.

You can use different elements of your brand to add an identity to your videos. These elements include your logo, brand colors, mascot, etc. You must also use fonts that can help people recall your brand. A video editing tool can help you create a brand kit that you can use to create a series of slideshow videos.

Improve the Sound

A slideshow video gives you the window to use amazing music. Hence, you should use the opportunity to add a good background track to your videos. If you are creating a slideshow with different videos, you must try to remove any background noise from the same. However, if your video needs the protagonist to speak, you must use a microphone to record such a voiceover.

The audio that you add should improve the appeal of the video and make it even more exciting for the audience.

Make Colour Corrections

While using transitions to switch from one frame to another is important, you must also try to keep the appeal of the video the same. When creating a slideshow video, you cannot switch from a dimly shot clip to a very bright one. Therefore, you should try to use a video editor to make the necessary corrections in different frames and slides.

There are a few other things that you can do to make your slideshow video even more impactful. You can add subtitles to your video to ensure it reaches a huge audience. Subtitles or captions aid the viewers in watching the video without any hassle. It also helps people who have any kind of issues with hearing.

Final Words

A slideshow video creates a huge opportunity for your company as you can use them for various purposes. You can engage with your audience with the help of these videos. While most slideshow videos are ideal for your company’s website, you can also promote them on social media channels and improve your reach.

When you create a slideshow video, you must watch it a few times before you post it. Ensure that you make corrections to the video if there are issues with the flow or if you can make the video look better.

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