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How to Recover Lost Data With iTop Data Recovery?

The prospect of losing crucial information is terrifying for anyone who isn’t in the practice of routinely creating backups. However, one should not lose hope, for change is possible. When you lose data, iTop Data Recovery software is a helpful tool that can help you get it back. You can preview the healing process for free before you commit to it. Many data recovery programs are out there, but iTop Data Recovery is the best, thanks to its innovative methodology.

How Does iTop Data Recovery Work?

With iTop Data Recovery, you can easily retrieve lost information with just a few mouse clicks. When you click the SCAN button after specifying the folders and types of files you wish to recover, a list of the files and their associated data will appear. In the scan’s preliminary stages, you’ll be able to specify which file kinds and locations to examine. Following a scan, iTop Data Recovery will present you with details about the files it has found, including their names, original locations, sizes, and recoverability ratings, as well as a preview of the data before you decide to recover it. Then, after choosing which files to retrieve, you can hit the Recover button. In conclusion, iTop Data Recovery is the best option for recovering data from the Recycle Bin and restoring deleted files due to malware or viruses. Information retrieval after an unexpected shutdown, hard disk formatting, or other data-erasing events.

Learn What Happened and Which Records Are Necessary

When data is lost, the first step is determining what caused it. Have you lost a file by mistake, or is your pc having trouble opening the file? You should also identify the most crucial data files. For instance, you may require a specific spreadsheet for a presentation at work. Thankfully, you’ll be able to get all this data using the best data recovery software you installed. It will explain what happened and identify which files are corrupted or missing.

Manually Recover Immediately

Let’s say you choose to perform a manual recovery immediately. If so, it’s possible that some or all of the lost or corrupted information can be restored. Nonetheless, you must use extreme caution lest you accidentally delete necessary files. Make sure you have a recent backup of your pc before proceeding. Making a system restore point is possible in the vast majority of OSes. You can then go back to when the computer was functioning properly. An attempt at manual recuperation is now possible.

Data Recovery Costs for the iTop

At iTop Data Recovery, you can pick from one of four price points. The “Basic” plan is entry-level, and it’s completely free. There’s a 1GB cap on recoverable data with this package. The “Monthly plan,” for $26.99, is the following tier up. You can recover deleted files Windows 10 of a maximum of 5GB of data with this package. For $98, you may sign up for the “Yearly” plan and restore up to 10 GB of data. Finally, for an additional $299, you may purchase the “Ultimate Lifetime” package, which includes limitless data recovery.


For Windows data recovery, iTop Data Recovery is a top choice because it is both powerful and simple to use. It facilitates the rapid location of desired documents. From software installations to file recoveries, everything functions well. Both new and experienced Windows users will find the iTop data recovery program simple. It has state-of-the-art algorithms and capabilities while remaining intuitive to use.

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