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Bluestacks 5 Vs Bluestacks 4 Compared: See What’s Changed So Far!

When it comes to emulating the Android games and apps on the PC, Bluestacks is the first thing that strikes in everyone’s mind. And undoubtedly Bluestacks has given incredibly satisfying results by its various features. 

However, just in February 2021, the emulator giant has launched the latest latest version, Bluestacks 5. Well, it is better to know the latest version thoroughly before you decide to download Bluestacks 5. Hence, here we have compared the Bluestacks 5 Vs Bluestacks 5, and show the changes between both the versions.

Comparison of Bluestacks 5 vs Bluestacks 4

Bluestacks 5 came with multitudinous new features as compared to Bluestacks 4. Let’s discuss some of the most important and impotent updates. First of all, Bluestacks 5 is comparatively noticeably faster than Bluestacks 4. Apart from that when you will start the Bluestacks 5 and Bluestacks 4 at the same time; you will notice that Bluestacks 5 is taking less boot time. So it can be said that the booting process is improved dramatically. Consequently, launch time is also reduced significantly thanks to faster overall performance and ameliorated booting process. 

Apart from this, there are also certain features improved which are not only helpful to the users but also for our system to run this app smoothly and conveniently. Go through such features in this table:

Bluestacks 4 Bluestacks 5
  • Frequent performance hiccups
  • Improved performance by consuming less CPU and maintaining stable FPS
  • Moderate performance while multitasking
  • Able to run multiple functions effectively using Eco Mode to minimize 87% CPU and 97% GPU usage
  • Sluggish Setup
  • Comparatively 40% faster setup
  • Noticeable RAM consumption
  • Provide smooth gaming performance along with 40% lesser RAM consumption

System Requirements for Bluestacks 5

As we all know that Bluestacks allows us to open the APK files on the pc or laptop, so for the better and optimum performance of such APK files on your laptop, you required the following specifications on your laptop.  

Bluestacks 5 vs Bluestacks 4

Bluestacks 5 is perfectly compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and recently launched Windows 11 as well. However, Mac users cannot access Bluestacks 5, they can only use Bluestacks 4. 

As far as the processor is concerned, with an Intel or AMD processor, you will get an amazing experience irrespective of your model. Apart from this minimum 2 GB of RAM and approximately 5 GB free disk space are required. If your system possesses these features then you can have easy access of the Bluestacks 5 along with smooth performance.

Set up Process of Bluestacks 5 after Installing

Once you install the Bluestacks 5 on your PC or laptop, the second process is the setting up of the Bluestacks 5. Well, it has been observed that the setup process in Bluestacks 5 is better than Bluestacks 4. 

If you have ever set up any previous version Bluestacks or any other Android emulation software, you have noticed that the setup process is pretty identical to the Android phone. 

You just have to log in with your Google account once you are done with the installing and booting process. And here you go! You will have now access of the Play Store from which you can download and install any Android game or app easily and use it.

Gaming Performance on Bluestacks 5 – For Gamers

Especially gamers are eagerly excited about the Bluestacks 5, as a majority of the Bluestacks 5 users are gamers. Bluestacks 5 is well-known and well-praised by gamers, as it provides the ideal platform, design, and software for amazing gaming performance. 

It allows the features to enjoy the same game which players used to play on their smartphones, so to fill the voids of the controls Bluestacks 5 provides inbuilt custom keyboard and mouse mapping for well-known games.

Final Words on Bluestacks 4 Vs 5

That’s all! Here is the comparison between Bluestacks 5 Vs Bluestacks 4 along with the system requirement, setup process, and gaming performance of the Bluestacks 5. So download the Bluestacks 5 now, and enjoy your favorite Android games and apps in the most amazing way.


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