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What is ConfigAPK App and How to Remove It?

Android application package, or android.autoinstalls.config, is what ConfigAPK is known as in the android world. If you are reading this article then it may be possible then you are worried about this app and thinking to uninstall it from your device.

There are many things you should be aware of about this system application as it performs multiple tasks in the background without letting you know. So keep reading this article to get complete information related to ConfigAPK.

What is ConfigAPK?

ConfigAPK is a built-in program in your android device that allows the APK Packages to run properly. However, the package name of this pre-installed software is android.autoinstalls.config.

Users do not report problems with configapk, but they get to know about this app existence in their device while checking installed app list. It is just 22kb in size, thus it should not have any visible impact on your device.

This application will not ask you for any device permissions as all of the permission are already allowed by the system. Unlike other system apps, this software will not create any Misc Files in Android device.

Can I Remove ConfigAPK?

There is no need to remove ConfigApk from your Android device as it helps to operate the APKs properly. It is a system application used in the android devices for Installing and Uninstalling the APKs.

Still, if you want to uninstall this software, then you have to root your device first or can disable it by operating the apps through IoT Hidden Menu.

Is ConfigAPK Safe?

ConfigAPK is a completely malware free system app in Android device. This application can consume battery depends upon your device usage and frequency of uninstalling and installing the app packages.

If you are facing some weird issues in your Android device like redirection while browsing, irrelevant advertisements and unusual device space uses, then do a quick device virus scan. Because ConfigAPK is not causing any of these issues and it is clearly confirmed after testing it on multiple devices.

What to do when ConfigAPK is draining Battery?

The first thing you should know that ConfigAPK is a properly optimized application and only used for certain device operating process.

There may be multiple system apps like OMACP present in your Android device which can cause high battery draining problem. In order to keep your phone clean, only keep applications you have used recently or installed yourself. If an app seems suspicious, try running your phone in safe mode and disable them.

There is no need to remove Configapk if you have just seen the program running without any problems. As previously stated, it is a component of Android and is used to install pre-installed apps the first time the device is launched.


I hope this article clear all of your doubts related to ConfigAPK, and gives you an idea of how helpful it can be for your Android phone. There can be many rumors regarding this inbuilt program, but you should not uninstall it to maintain the functionality of your device.

Keep checking the installed app list and remove those apps which you do not download. Still, if you have any questions in your mind related to this post then ask in the comment section.

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