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Should You Book A Test Drive of Volkswagen Virtus At A Riverside VW Dealer? 

All the Sedan lovers, unite!

Volkswagen Virtus is the latest power-packed launch by German automobile makers. This subcompact sedan comes with a revamped design for stellar performance. 

So, should you book this car for yourself from a VW dealer in Riverside? Keep reading to know if you need to bring this beautiful beast home! 

1. Observe the Exterior Design 

It’s fantastic for grown-ups (Definitely by its looks). 

The brand uses chrome highlights to give the vehicle a simple but striking appearance. Unlike its sporty friend, Skoda Slavia, VW focuses more on the sophisticated detailing of each design aspect. The seamless merging of the LED lights with the grilles makes Virtus one of the best choices with a Riverside VW dealer for sophisticated drivers. 

The superior wheelbase of 2561 mm ensures that your ride is shock free. The suspension and tires cushion the effect of the bumps effortlessly. 

2. Check the Interior Built 

Do you like driving VW Tiguan? 

If you just nodded, checking the riding ease with Virtus in Riverside must be on your list. The elevated fit, the finesses of the dashboard and the usage of high-quality materials will blow your mind. 

Oh, and on top of this, VW has ensured that your experience is extraordinary with the latest ergonomically created steering wheel. The advanced assistance system with a digital cockpit will make every long drive in Riverside smooth. 

The best part is – Virtus is crafted with compassion for the numbers. So, if you have a family of five or just a tightly knit friends’ group, your VW dealer will recommend this model as the most suitable option. 

3. Analyze the Engine and Torque 

Whether you want to drive on narrow lanes or Riverside Freeway, the ride will be outstanding. Your VW dealer will present Virtus with two engine options, i.e., Performance line and Dynamic line. Both options are designed keeping riders’ interests in mind. 

The performance line offers a sporty experience, while the Dynamic option is suitable for practical, day-to-day usage.

Keep in mind to check the 1.0L TSI engine performance in your test drive on uneven roads with craters. With the generation of 115 PS of power with a torque of 178 Nm, the sedan is a revolutionary move to provide maximum performance with minimum fuel usage.

The pair of the six-speed torque converter and the seven-speed DSG 1.5 TSI work conveniently. The torque converter in the model ensures that you get the extra push while kickstarting. 

4. Gauge the Speed Efficiency

VW dealers in Riverside call it a performance-packed sedan. This model by VW is your companion for all kinds of roads in Riverside. The critical point to note in this car is its ability to enhance the experience through speed maneuverability without causing any lags. 

The practical boot feature and well-equipped safety enhancements make this car classier than previous models. Moreover, the 999cc and 1498cc displacements in the engines ensure power optimization for long rides. 

You can even check the easy maneuverability of Virtus while parking as well. The paddles and 179mm ground clearance feature make it smooth to settle around corners. 

In a nutshell 

It’s powerful and responsive. The blend makes Volkswagen Virtus one of the best options to look for at a VW dealer in Riverside

The striking features add to the thrill of riding it on Riverside roads. On top of this, the car features the most spacious interior with a 2561 mm wheelbase. Whether you’re an infotainment fan or a digital cockpit expert, the Virtus aims to enchant all. 

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