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Massage Techniques and Why It Is an Essential Therapy?

Everyone needs to look fresh and healthy nowadays. For this reason, people do different exercises and adopt different therapies. These therapies help them to gain fitness, relaxation, and ease. Similarly, Full Body Massage is a therapy that provides comfort, relaxation, and fitness and is also helpful in many other medical conditions. 

In ancient times, people were aware of the massage benefits and take massage therapy to get comfort and relaxation. During massage therapy, the therapist will impose pressure on your stiff and painful joints to relieve pain and tension. There are different massage techniques & therapy which we will discuss further in the below article. 

Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage is a soft and gentle therapy that is convenient for those who are new to massage or have sensitivity issues. The therapist will put gentle pressure on your stiffed joints and knotted muscles to ease your pain and discomfort. This also helps you in releasing your stress and tension. Swedish Massage benefits also include:

  • The kneading procedure focuses on your selective pain and affects the part where you feel muscle knots or stiffness. 
  • Long flowing strokes will help make your blood circulation smooth and in the direction of the heart which leads towards a healthy heart rate. 
  • This can help you to release your stress and anxiety and provide you relaxation and joy. 

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Hot Stone Massage:

Hot stone massage helps your painful and stressed muscles to relax and improves your stamina and fitness. This is similar to Swedish massage but in this therapy, the therapist uses hot stones instead of hands. This therapy provides deep heat into your muscles and joints that alleviate your pain and promote relaxation. During the massage, the therapist places hot stones in your stressed and tense muscles areas. This will ease your muscles tension and also improve your blood flow. 

Aromatherapy Massage:

Aromatherapy is beneficial for you when you have emotional stress and wants to heal your stress and anxiety. Therapists use different essential oils to relieve stress and muscle pain. Usually, your massage therapist chose the essential oil that suits your body and mood but you can suggest them specific oil according to your preferences. Aromatherapy helps you to boost your mood and reduce your tension and depression. This also improves your blood flow and makes your heart healthy. The therapist always dilutes oils before applying them to your skin. 

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep tissues massage is clear from its name as it provides deep heat and massage towards your painful joints and muscles. This uses more pressure than Swedish massage and improves your pain and stiffness. It’s also good for muscles tension, soreness, injuries, tightness, and imbalance of your body posture. Your massage therapist will use deep and slow finger strokes into your painful area to relieve tension from the deepest layer of your muscles. This provides you flexibility and relieves your chronic muscles pain.

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Sports Massage:

Sports massage is a good option for those who experience repetitive injuries and dislocations. This is helpful for sports persons who play sports and have regular injuries, muscles stiffness, and joint dislocations. Sportsperson needs massage therapy in pre- and post-sports to increase their flexibility and performance during sports. Sports massage provides relaxation to your muscles, reduces chances of injuries, releases your pain and muscles tension. This also focuses on your specific parts where your need more attention to increasing your durability and performance. Your massage therapist also alters soothing strokes depending on your condition of muscle need. 

Trigger Point Massage:

Trigger point massage is specifically used to treat your tightened muscles and tissues. It is also suitable for those who have injuries, muscles stiffness, chronic pains, and have some serious specific issues. Sometimes, your stiffed muscles and joints cause pain in your other body parts which makes you uncomfortable and stressed. Your therapist uses a different level of pressure to release your pain and muscles stiffness. It has also been noted that trigger point massage helps treat your painful neck, backbone, and head as well. 

According to research, triggering on your specific point may reduce the intensity and frequency of your neck pain and migraine headache. 


Reflexology is the best massage option for those who are not comfortable with being a touch on their entire body part. This therapy induces strong pressure on your alternate pressure points on your hands, feet, and ears. This also relaxes your body and naturally boosts your energy. Reflexology helps you to reduce your fatigue, stress, and anxiety and improves your immune system and sleep as well. According to research, it can make you comfortable and reduce your stress and anxiety which results in better comfort and joy. 

Thai Massage:

Thai massage improves your strength and better your stamina and activeness. This is beneficial for those who want to remain active and physically fit. Your therapist will massage your entire body and improve your blood circulation, energy level, and muscle flexibility. You may feel a firm pressure on your pain point and maybe stretched into various positions. Thai massage is best suitable to increase your flexibility and endurance.  

Parental Massage:

Like other massages and techniques, parental massage is also important and has several benefits for pregnant mums. This can:

  • Reduce body and joint paint
  • Helps to heal swollen joints, feet, and hands
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Better your immune system and improve your sleep
  • Ease muscle tension and stiffness

It is highly recommended for pregnant mums to consult their physicians before availing of pregnancy massage. It is also necessary for expectant mums because, during pregnancy, they are just focusing on their upcoming baby’s health and forget about themselves. This increases fatigue, stress, anxiety, and tiredness. With the parental massage, they can feel relaxed, comfortable and can enjoy their entire pregnancy session. Your therapist focuses on your lower legs, back, hips, and feet instead of Full Body Massage.  


Massage therapy at Meridian Spa has numerous benefits and it can ease you in so many ways which could be:

  • Reduce your long day stress, enhance your efficiency and make you productive
  • Improves your flexibility and reduce your muscles tension and stiffness
  • Moisturized your skin and eliminate toxins and other residuals from your body’s skin
  • Enhance your immunity, cardiovascular function, and better your sleep

Massage therapy is an effective technique and can ease your body from muscle knots, stiffness, and joint pain as well. It enhances your durability and makes you active and focused. 

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