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Android What is it If you are a Samsung smartphone user, then you might be familiar with this term. In this article, we cover all the things about “” and provides multiple ways to disable it.

We know that Bloatware and adware programs are often found in Android smartphones, consuming device resources constantly.

These types of problem-causing applications can be system apps or those which are installed from unknown sources. Fortunately, this daemon package never causes such kinds of issues.

First, you should know the distinction between a service and a daemon before identifying what is

Daemons vs. Services

Daemons and Services are popular device assistance, and both operate in the backend of the Android Operating system. There is no significant difference between these two, but you should be aware of their functionality.

In Unix-based operating systems such as Android, apps like daemon run in the background and provide other apps with certain services.

This mobile program sends your position to multiple apps that show you the most accurate information and the related settings, based on how often you move or change your region.

However, Unified Daemon does not store any information as it fetches the real-time data and delivers it to the users.

Service is also a background running program in android devices that plays a significant role in responding to every program. All the processes of this program will be done using transmission tools. Server-side rendering for displaying correct location information in devices will be done using Service.

What is is an android package of a famous system application “daemon.” This application is commonly used in Samsung devices to perform automated tasks.

It is an application used to show the data of, Yahoo Finance, and many other authentic sites to the users. The Unified Daemon transmits the GPS data to the Weather widget, Yahoo apps, the S Planner, and the camera.

com sec android daemonapp start creating problems like high data consumption, low battery uses, and many other things in your device after a certain period. So it will be helpful if you disabled this android package from your app management system.

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How to Disable

com sec android daemonapp is a system application like IoTHiddenMenu, so we cannot uninstall this application from our end. However, you can restrict the data usage of the app by following the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, go to your device settings and select Data Usage.
  • Now select the Unified Demon.
  • Then set a longer update interval to reduce data consumption.
  • If you are using the latest Android version, you can limit the data consumption via Settings> Data usage> Weather Deamon.

However, this is a perfect method for the weather app. Then repeat the process for all affected apps. The entire data usage of these apps is combined with the Unified Daemon.


In this section, we will cover commonly asked questions by the users related to and provide adequate answers to them. Feel free to leave a comment if you think I forgot to cover any query.

Is com sec android daemonapp harmful?

Yes, this application can be harmful to your device if it starts consuming resources. In most cases, data consumption will begin after the long presence of this app.

Can I uninstall

There is no authentic way to uninstall this system application, but you can try methods like rooting your devices at your own risk.

Wrap it Up:

I hope this article provides you all the things related to and the method to disable it. The developers keep upgrading this app to avoid crashes and fix bugs.

If this article helps you to solve your problems, then share it with your friends and on your social profiles. Still, you have any doubt in your mind, then put your queries in the comment box, and we will provide the solution as soon as possible.

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