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The Top 15 Newsletter Topics for Your Mental Health Blog

Mental health is a complex and often taboo topic. But it’s one that needs to be talked about more openly, and one that we should all be more aware of. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top 15 newsletter topics for your mental health blog.

  1. Treatment Options

If you want to be successful in blogging about mental health, you need to know the ins and outs of all the available treatments (and also talk about their side effects). You can do this by writing guest posts, interviews, and review articles.

  1. Mental Illnesses and Disorders

Your readers will want to know about the signs and symptoms related to different mental illnesses and disorders, as well as effective treatments for them (like medication or therapy).

  1. Everyday Tips For Mental Health

These newsletters could include anything from how you can save money on therapy to tips for eating healthy. Whatever the topic, it should be related to everyday life and mental health (and not just medication or psychiatric treatment).

  1. Medications Related to Mental Health

Your readers will want to know about different medications, their potential side effects, whether they are over-the-counter or need a prescription, and how to take them.

  1. Books Related to Mental Health

If you wish to send newsletters about mental health, consider reviewing books on the topic of psychology or psychiatry (like the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). You could also review professional guides for mental illness or write your own blog book!

  1. Legal Issues Related to Mental Health

Whether you’re considering changing your name, writing a will, or searching for legal aid, you and your readers can benefit from information on legal issues related to mental health.

  1. Tips on How to Improve Your Mental Health

This could include self-help tricks or even stories of how other people have improved their mental health. Your newsletters could highlight a specific type of therapy or a mental illness, and help your readers improve it.

  1. Treatment Resources for Mental Health

Many people will be searching for resources to treat their mental illness, which you can provide by writing about the different types of professionals available (like psychologists versus psychiatrists). You could also review different treatment facilities.

  1. Hobby Tips For Mental Health

Your readers could be having trouble finding professional help, hobby tips can give them ideas on how to improve their mental health all on their own (like fitness or art therapy).

  1. Inspirational Stories About Mental Health

The journey toward wellness doesn’t always involve professional help, and your readers will enjoy reading about other people’s journeys toward mental health. These stories could include the struggles they faced and how they overcame them.

  1. Tips for Friends and Family of People With Mental Illnesses or Disorders

There will be times when your reader is looking for help, and this could come from friends and family members (who need to know how to help). You can provide practical advice on how friends and family members can help.

  1. Self-Help Tips for Mental Health Issues

Holidays or just a stressful day at work can affect our mental health. You’ll want to feature tips that help people prevent problems from developing (like getting enough sleep).

  1. Celebrity Mental Health Struggles and Successes

Some of the most popular stories on mental health newsletters are those about celebrities, which you can capitalize on by writing about some of their struggles with depression or addiction (and how they overcame them). You could also write about ways that people can improve their mental health as a celebrity would.

  1. How Mental Illness Affects Everyday Life

There are many ways that mental illness affects everyday life, from how people can cope with their symptoms to the impact on relationships and family members. This could also be a platform for writing about your own experiences with mental illness.

  1. Treatment Centers Around the World

Taking a vacation is a great way to relax, even if you’re on medication. You could write about different treatment centers around the world that your readers may want to consider visiting (like luxury rehab centers in Australia).

One great tip is to make sure your newsletters are readable and interesting. To do that, we suggest you use Venngage — a free infographic maker that offers free newsletter templates for everyone. Here are some newsletter examples from their website!


As long as people are searching for information on mental health online, it’s important that you’re providing accurate and helpful material. Mental health is related to every other area of life (even your career!), so make sure to inform your readers about improving their mental wellness through the resources you provide them. To see more newsletter design ideas, click here.

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