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Internet Alternatives and Similar Sites in 2022 is a great platform for building a personal and professional webpage for free. It is a social networking site that lets anyone create (and advertise) their own web page about themselves, with whatever content they like. It’s a web-based suite of profile pages.

In this post, i am going to share the best alternatives so you can get advantage of those platforms and boost your presence on Internet.


Linktree is an outstanding platform to boost your Instagram profile. You can place all of your important and social media links at one place.

There is a Linktree App available for the smartphone users that makes their work easy to manage their pages with no efforts. We have no doubt to put in our best alternatives of in this blog post.

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Wix is a website builder mainly targeted at small businesses, which allows users to create HTML5-based websites using pre-made layouts and design components. It also provides hosting for the created sites. The site can be created using desktop software, a mobile app for iPhone and Android, the hosting provided through the website itself, or by directly uploading an HTML file.

By no means is it meant to compete with professional web developers: Wix’s online editor has very limited functionality (no plugins or access to raw code) and no real way to edit the source code offline.


LinkedIn is a social network service ( that, like Facebook and Twitter, focuses on building game relationships among its members. LinkedIn users include businesses, recruiters, and job seekers who are looking to land their dream jobs or find talented employees for their companies.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, however, it’s mainly composed of business professionals who are there to further their careers, thus LinkedIn can provide businesses with valuable leads.

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Behance is one of the leading online platforms and alternative to showcase & discover creative work. It’s a place where creatives can connect, collaborate, & find inspiration. People use Behance to display their portfolios, track project stats, get feedback on their work from industry pros, & hire talent for freelance projects.


Desygner is a design tool for creating and editing infographics. All content that appears within infographics created in Desygner has been provided by the users themselves via a wide range of sources such as Google images, Wikipedia, bing image search and your own files.

It is considered as best alternative as it currently has a huge amount of content that can be used within infographics. Going forward, we will be adding even more content to help users build their own infographic from the ground up.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a free and easy way to create and share web pages. Use it to create personal sites, share content with groups, and more. Google Sites is free for everyone. We have considered it as best alternative because it lets you place links for your choice.

Anyone who has a Google account can use Google Sites. You must be signed in to see all the features and access your site(s).

The people who can see your site depend upon your sharing settings. When you create a new site it automatically sets to Private which means only people with whom you’ve shared the URL can see your site. You manage sharing for an individual site by clicking the Manage Site button.


So, these are some of the most popular alternatives that you can use for free. I hope you like this post and get many new platforms to build your webpage. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and those who works in digital marketing industry.

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