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What Is On Android?

If you are curious about what does, then you have come to the right place. This app is present in every Android device (including Samsung, Huawei, and so on).

As the Android telecom server, includes SIM, VOIP, SIP, and many other types of calls, and it is responsible for managing them. But, how does it work, and what are its purposes? If you want full information regarding this, then stay tuned to this article.

What is is an android framework used on various Android devices for managing and initiating calls. It is a core function for the devices and is responsible for managing all call-related operations. and are the two different names of this framework. Both of them are stored in different virtual spaces called User Space and Kernel Space, respectively.

These spaces can only be managed by the android developers using the backend codes and IoT Hidden Menu system app.

What is the Use of on android?

With, users can make VoIP and SMS-based audio and video calls. It assists in managing calls using an Android GUI.

We can say that com android server telecom is a must-have Android package for many devices which manage all the call processing in the background. Android Framework is necessary to initiate the call and establish the proper connection using the Sim Card module. Functions

As already mentioned, is one of the most important android frameworks that is responsible for many significant functions. Some of them are described below for better user understanding.


Android uses the to handle all incoming and outgoing calls. It generates graphical user interface notifications that appear on the screen of the phone as a result of the incoming and outgoing calls. Call Recall

RTT information acts as a route of the call and determines whether a call needs to be rerouted or routed again. This Android package is used to handle all network-related information for the call.

Call Audio State

In addition to handling the in-calling audio features, the also manages call recording functionality and mutes the call if necessary. It can also check incoming and outgoing voice calls to make sure they are working properly.

Call Details is also responsible for maintaining call details on Android. It displays all the call-related logs including calls from names and numbers by pulling data from Android’s database including its network database and contact book.

Can I Uninstall

No, can not be uninstalled from your device. It is an Android Package file of the Android Telecom framework which is used for managing call functions including VOIP.

However, if you try unethical ways to disable the functioning of this package, then you might see unfortunately has been stopped error.

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What is the Difference Between Android Server Telecom and Android IncallUI?

Android Server Telecom or works with the telephony service framework to manage audio calls. It is also responsible for the video calls placed using VOIP from the device modem while connecting with the Connection Service API.

Whereas, or Android IncallUI stored all the essential elements and buttons of the call screen, such as Disconnect, Call, Speaker, Mute, Record, and many others. The way of working of both android frameworks is identical, but the functioning is different.


I hope this article clears all of your questions regarding and its usage on your android phone. This Apk file is preinstalled in your device for maintaining the call functionality from the backend. So, there is multiple benefits of having this application in your device for functioning calls properly.

If you have any queries related to com android server telecom, then ask in the comment section or send us an email. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so they will also know about this android package.

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