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Why Music Videos Are Still So Important

It is believed that music speaks a lot about contemporary culture and times. Since music is a creative endeavor, lyricists often let their imaginative faculty loose while drafting the content. And, videos infuse life into music to make it more appealing to the masses. 
Thanks to YouTube, the second largest search engine and the second most popular website on earth, finding high-quality music videos has become easier than before. 

Data published by Google shows that 60% of Americans in the age group of 35-54 and 29% in the age group of 55 and above visit YouTube for finding music-related content at least once every week. And, between 2017 and 2018, YouTube users watched lyric videos worth 3,100 years of watch time.

But, why are music videos still in fashion – don’t we have a plethora of informative and entertaining content already on websites like YouTube? You will find the answer in the following sections and also pick tips to create a fascinating music video to promote yourself/ your brand. 

3 Factors Driving The Popularity of Music Videos in 2022

From fewer and customizable ads to more autonomy of music selection, video-sharing platforms like YouTube are instrumental in reviving the demand for music videos in 2022. As a fact, music videos are one of the most in-demand video categories on social media websites like YouTube for good reasons. Until January 2020, 93% of the most popular and most watched videos on YouTube were music videos.

Here are the three top factors driving the popularity of music videos in 2022:

Music at Fingertips

Finding high-quality music has never been simpler than it is now. Popular video-sharing platforms like YouTube and social media websites like Facebook and Instagram have brought music videos to our fingertips.  

You can conveniently browse music from your preferred genres and find the best one suiting your mood. Interestingly, these websites use cookies to track your preferences and send you videos that match your preferences. Hence, you can listen to and watch quality music to satisfy your soul and taste, any time, all the time. 

The availability of music videos at enthusiasts’ fingertips have played a crucial role in boosting music videos’ popularity. 

Multi-Dimensional Experience 

Remember a song whose video you particularly liked. Now think of the music (and, if possible, sing it) minus the video. Don’t those images automatically come into your mind? The answer is most likely a resounding ‘Yes.’

When we listen to music minus the video, it creates a good impression. But, when we listen to music with video, it creates an everlasting impression. A music video makes the music immortal. 

Music videos offer a multi-dimensional experience. It allows the listener to immerse themselves in the motion. It’s as if the artist is inviting you to be a part of their journey. And, when you find originality and truth in a music video, you not only remember the music for the rest of your life but also feel fascinated by the artist’s work. 

Music videos are an outcome of creative artistry. A thoughtfully designed music video boosts creativity and increases the satisfaction level. Hence, music videos are here to stay and entertain people in a seemingly harmless way. 

A Movie in a Nutshell

Music videos give viewers the feel of a movie. Each top-class music video has a clear introduction, middle section, and conclusion, something which is commonly found in movies. And since songs are easier to remember than dialogues, music videos offer an incredible experience to viewers. 

A music video takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster ride. They involve themselves in the happenings of the video while the music reinforces the impression. 

Hence, music videos act as a stressbuster for people without the time to watch a good movie. With music therapy becoming more dominant than before, we can expect the trend to continue. Famous movie directors like Daniel Wolfe, Michel Gondry, and Spike Jonze started with music videos before jumping onto movies. 

Now that you know the factors driving the popularity of music videos in 2022, do you feel the urge to create a music video of your own/ brand? If you said ‘Yes,’ the next section is for you. 

How to Make a Music Video – Pro Tips to Ace The Production Process

Did you know that the most number of views received by a video on YouTube is a music video? Can you guess which is it? It’s Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s ‘Despacito.’ With over 6.6 billion views, this music video is way ahead of its competitors.

If the facts mentioned above make you excited, you must know the top tips for making an incredibly attractive music video. Here is what you need to know: 

Select an Apt Song

Before deciding on the theme or location of the music video, you need to select the song. You can create an original song or recreate a single. If you choose to recreate, ensure to go through the copyright laws. However, if you select original music, be careful about the length. The longer your video, the more time you will have to allot to the recording, eventually increasing the budget. 

Casting and Shooting

After deciding on the music, you need to rope in the actors (if required). Besides actor(s), you will also need to hire a camera person, lighting person, directors, and band members, among others. 

Once the cast and the team are finalized, you can move to creating a storyboard. Storyboarding is a vital step in the process since it sets the expectations clear. You can learn how to make a music video by following any basic guide available on the internet. You must read more about storyboarding, location scouting, and color correction.

Edit The Video For Perfection

Editing is crucial to give your video the best shape and make it appealing. A high-quality professional video editing software lets you add effects, transitions, and trip and merge clips. 

Before editing the video, create some additional space in your hard drive. It is also wise to copy the raw and edited files in at least three different storage devices to eliminate the chances of data loss. 


Music videos are here to stay for many reasons. These videos are easy to create and make the viewers emotionally engaged. Try your hands on a music video and share it on YouTube – the more feedback you get, the better your videos will eventually become.  

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