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How To Make Your Video Marketing Strategy In 2022

Have you noticed that, with so much content on the internet out there, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out? What is uploaded daily on social networks in the video alone is greater than years of television programming. However, finding a strategy to sell is not as overwhelming as it seems because video marketing has come to break ranks in 2022 and increase your sales like you never imagined. Read on with us and learn everything about How To Make Your Video Marketing Strategy In 2022.

How to make your video marketing strategy?

1. Identify your goals

Of course, we cannot start making our own video content without knowing what we want to achieve with it; for this, we must decide which of the three stages of the marketing funnel we will pay the most attention to, although it is best to make a video for each of them:

-Attention: At this stage is, when a person realizes that they have a need, it is perfect for introducing your brand to many more customers, so the video you decide to create should be demonstrative.

-Consideration: The next thing in the marketing funnel is consideration or reflection; here, the viewer is looking for more information about what they want, researching blogs, reading reviews, and comparing products for their price and functionality.

-Decision: As its name says, the viewer has found a solution to his problem, he is ready to buy. This is the perfect time to present your product or service to him, demonstrating in a video why you are the best option for him over the competition.

Even if a viewer has gone through this entire marketing funnel, the process doesn’t have to end completely. The goal is to humanize your brand delight current and potential customers, so it’s a brilliant option to have a video more dedicated to who bought you. It can be as simple as a thank you or user guide.

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2. Analyze your competition

At this point, when talking about marketing, we would be lying if you don’t have a good idea of your competition: who they are, what they sell, how they are different from you, among other things. Easy.

However, here we are, developing a solid strategy together with our video marketing guide for 2022, so things will be a little different. If we want your brand to stand out, we must first analyze how your competition implements video to market their products.

This is easier than it seems because everything is on the internet. We can start by reviewing their websites the social networks they use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok (which has grown in popularity in recent years).

We should also not overlook the photos, the emails they use, blogs (like the one you are in now), and all the content they have on the web that can be complemented with a video. The objective is to discover market trends and identify the weaknesses to attack or the strengths of your competition to overcome.

To achieve it better, we can answer the following questions. It is necessary to dedicate enough time to them so as not to overlook anything. Only then will our own video strategy outperform the rest:

What kind of videos are they making?

How many to do per week, month or year?

To what end: improve conversions, educate potential customers, explain what they do, or increase brand awareness?

What channels are they sharing it on? Only social networks or also traditional media?

What topics are they covering and what tone are they using?

How much information do they share?

Do audiences engage with your video, comment, or share it?

3. Know your target audience

The most important thing to sell a product or service is our customers; if we don’t know them, we won’t sell. If we create a video without an audience in mind, it will fail! So it’s time to meet our target audience, but how do we do that?

First of all, we must do an extensive investigation. The better we know who is going to buy from us. The more solid the strategy to take will be. We can start by discovering demographic data such as gender, age, where they live, and very specific things such as their tastes, habits, and pain points, which are the needs that buying your brand can solve.

For this, we need to develop what is known as “Buyer Personality.” You may already have one; it is essential before starting any campaign. If you do not have it, nothing happens. That is what our video marketing guide for 2022 is for.

A buyer persona is a potential person that we want to buy from us. That is why they will be the ones to whom our video should reach. To make one, you must solve the following questions we have already investigated:

Who is going to buy you? For whom is it?

What is the objective of your video? What we mentioned earlier in the funnel.

Where is your public? This will help you know where and how you will share your video.

With these three questions answered, you will know who your target audience is and how to reach them.

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4. What kind of story do you prefer to tell

Narrative and emotion are two very important factors when making a video, and it is the soul that will distinguish you from the rest of the content on the network. This is where we will let our creativity fly make a story that manages to sell, hand in hand with four elements:

Protagonist: This has to represent your target customer, so it should appear from start to finish.

The problem: Just as your client needs to solve, the protagonist must have the same.

Search: Here, you present your product or service.

Answer: Finally, how your product or service solves their need.

Next is emotion. No story is memorable if it doesn’t have feelings. That’s why we love so many movies, series, or short films, so to make an emotional video, we don’t need to sit down with our team of collaborators and answer the question: What emotion do we want to convey to the viewer?

They can be laughter, inspiration, nostalgia, sadness, many with which you could write an excellent script, but not only that, the feeling you want to convey must be present in your wardrobe, the location, the predominant colors, and your actors. Everything counts, so don’t take it lightly!

5. Consider your times

Since we have thought of our objective as well as the story we want to tell to achieve it, now we need a schedule with which we can perfectly calculate the time we need for pre-production, production, and post-production.

That at least from the video creation part, because if we take the whole marketing process, we actually need more than one: general schedule, production schedule, distribution schedule to mention a few, these will be our guides to be aware of everything that has been done and what remains to be done.

Each team member must know these schedules to avoid surprises and, of course, maintain a harmonious work environment. All departments must have their own.

Carrying out one will be a matter of objectives, so it will be different for each department. We recommend using online teamwork platforms made to keep all your collaborators up to date on the status of their work. For example, we use Bitrix, which is free, but there are platforms like Monday, EngageBay, Asana that require a membership.

6. Do not forget to take into account your budget

Last but not least, this section is nothing more and nothing less than money. Creating an impressive and functional video is not free. If we do not think well about the budget, it will be tough to achieve our goals, not to mention that the video will not be as beautiful as we imagined.

However, for our video marketing strategy to really impress on social networks, it is necessary to work with the professionals: a digital marketing agency. They are the ones who carry in their veins the entire creation process, the creativity, and the talent to transform your ideas into success.

-How to find the perfect video marketing agency for you:

Finding a good option can be overwhelming. We are sure that when you came to this marketing guide for 2022, you came across many other publications of video agencies willing to create your project, which is why we will also guide you to choose the perfect partner for you :

We will start with their client portfolio: Word of mouth will always be the best ally to make a good decision, so don’t forget to check their online client portfolio and find out if they have the experience to help your brand grow. It also helps a lot to read reviews and comments on their social networks, especially LinkedIn.

His way of working: Communication is fundamental when we start with a small or large project. The agency you want to work with should keep you constantly updated on the status of your video, open to making the necessary changes with your feedback and comments.

Creativity and originality: Many agencies offer a catalog of cheap videos that do not seriously take the brand they work with. You must choose one that understands that your brand is unique with just as special videos. Otherwise, you will end up with generic footage.

Finally, we return to the budget, make sure you work with an agency that adjusts to your economic capital and that its service makes it worth it. Do not forget to compare prices and ask experts what the cost of full video marketing services per project or freelancer work is. Do not be shy about asking for a quote. Many agencies and freelancers are open to helping you learn more about their work.

The important thing to get the most out of your money is to investigate.

To Conclude

We hope that our article “How To Make Your Video Marketing Strategy In 2022” has been very helpful, but if you have doubts, you do not have to worry, you will always have at the disposal agencies that are willing to help you achieve your goals in addition to other sources of information such as the rest of our blog.

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