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6 Free and Useful Trello Power Ups

Best Trello Power Ups: Trello is a simple to use task organizer with a neat interface. Still, some users may feel a lack of more advanced features. For this, the platform allows the installation of Trello Power ups, which are plugins to insert additional resources or improve existing ones.

Best Trello Power Ups

Below is a list of free power ups for Trello and its main features. So feel to install them to improve your productivity.

1. TimeCamp (time manager)

This Trello power up helps manage a person’s time on each task card. For this, the plugin itself brings its own timer (which can be configured manually).

It is also possible to generate, and export activity reports. TimeCamp can be helpful if you need to know if the tasks are being worked on in the available time. Because of its high compatibility and great performance this is the most recommended Trello Power Ups.

2. Butler (creates reminders)

The tool can be a great ally to save time by remembering the activities that are performed most frequently and repeatedly. For example, if completed tasks are usually archived in Trello between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM, Butler will click the button and archive all completed cards at the end of those 18 hours. These pushbuttons can also be managed.

3. Card Repeater (create cards for routine tasks)

Thanks to the Card Repeater, one of the best Trello Power Ups that optimize your day in no time. The creation of routine cards for your tasks is automated. To use the plugin, simply program a card to make an exact copy of the card in a user-specified period.

4. Custom Fields (custom spaces)

Standard Trello cards may not contain enough information for your type of project. With this awesome trello power up, it is possible to add additional menus , in addition to checkboxes and date fields. To facilitate the identification of these custom fields, they are displayed on the closed card as well.

5. Google Drive (attach documents in a more agile way)

Agility is a differential for many tasks. With this plugin, you don’t need to waste time searching in several different places, such as documents or images to attach to a job.

From the card itself, you can sync a Google Drive account and search for files, without leaving Trello. You can even see real-time previews of files before attaching them.

6. Slack (team organizer)

Slack, by itself, is already an ideal tool for managing work teams and facilitating communication between their members. With this power-up, integrated in Trello, it is easier to show the work team what one is doing in the project, and thus, no idea is lost when shared.


Thanks for reading this article, I hope you find these Free Trello Power Ups useful that ultimately boost your productivity. If you like this article, then please share it with your friends and family members to appreciate our work.

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