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Ultimate Guide of PS4 setup tricks and tips

All PlayStation 4 owners need to know the most important tactics and strategies for discovering the most out of their system. In this guide, we’ve taken all the best tips and tricks from our years of experience with Sony’s powerful console, and organized them into a manual designed to bring you up to speed on everything PS4. Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned veteran, these essential insights will improve your knowledge of the PSN 4’s corners and controls – so read on.

How do I put PS4 into Rest Mode?

The most important step with the PS4 is to put it into rest mode. The machine will charge your Dualshock 4 controller overnight automatically, but this will make sure you are back at 100% the next day.

To put your PS4 into rest mode, simply hold down the PlayStation button on your controller and navigate to Power > Enter Rest Mode. There are thousands of peoples having the advantage of PSN Gift Card Generator. But lets move towards our tricks and tips.

Uninstall non-essential applications

While you can’t uninstall all of the apps that have been installed with the console – such as Netflix or Playstation VR Worlds – these are far from essential and can be safely removed to free up their storage space. Just head over to the applications section of your PS4’s main menu and delete away!

How do I make PS4 controller charge last longer?

Charging up your controller is easy: just hit the PlayStation button and hold it there for a couple of seconds. The controller will automatically start charging, and you’ll notice a notification light on top of it turn from white to orange. We know that there is a huge audience of the PlayStation worldwide.

If you want to make PS4 controller charge last longer though, switch off Quick Start mode with these steps:

1. Hit the PlayStation 4 home screen button

2. Go to Settings > Devices > Controllers

3. Disable Quick Start mode

This will mean your controller won’t automatically turn on when you pick it up, so you’ll have to press the PS button first – but this will help prolong its life by cutting down how often it’s woken up from sleep mode.

Speed-up your PS4 with the SATA upgrade

If you’re unhappy with how long it takes for your PS4 to load up games, you can try upgrading its storage drive to a speedier SATA model. The original PS4 uses a 5400rpm hard disk, while Sony’s newer console has a faster 7200rpm drive – the latter is over twice as fast in terms of data reads.

To do this, you’ll need to open up your console and replace its current HDD with another one. You can use any 2.5in (laptop) hard disk if you want, though not all drives will work with PS4. While you can pick up cheap internal drives, Seagate has a handy guide to using an external drive as your PS4 hard disk.

You should ensure your new HDD has a capacity of at least 160GB – though 500GB is preferred due to the fact that the PS4’s OS takes up a decent chunk of storage space. If it’s less than 160GB, you can also store your games on an external USB drive.

How do I set parental controls?

As all parents know, it’s hard to keep track of what your children are playing. Sony has made it easy for you to control exactly how long they play for with three simple settings: One-time setup, Daily limit, and Bedtime.

To get started with these controls, go to Settings > Parental Controls on your Playstation 4’s main menu. You’ll then be able to choose how long you want them to play for at a time, what hours of the day they’re allowed to play, and set a bedtime when the console will automatically lock – so they can’t sneak more game time in after lights out.

Turn blue light mode on

Blue light mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted by your PS4. Blue light has been shown to disrupt your body’s natural biorhythms, so this will encourage you to go to sleep at night. If you’re concerned, feel free to read up on the science behind it.

To turn blue light mode on, go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Blue light settings. You can then adjust the setting to suit your preferences or schedule it for a certain time of day.


PS4 is a great console for you to enjoy high-quality games. To have better gaming experience, in this article, we mainly offer the tips about PS4 to deal with how long does it take for ps4 controller to charge and Uninstall Non Essential Applications on PS4. We hope they are helpful for you. If it’s not, please leave a message in the comment section. We also look forward to receiving your suggestion and feedback about this article. Have fun!

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