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Linktree App For Android: Power your Instagram Bio Link

Linktree is one of the most growing tech startup for Instagrammers to power their bio link. If you are one of them who is searching for Linktree App, then stay connected with this post to learn about this awesome website.

Many Instagram users use the company’s app to solve the problem that Instagram posts lack hyperlinks. However, there are various ways to overcome the Instagram links problem but Linktree will be the best option for you.

We are providing the genuine Linktree review for our website readers so they can get benefits in their marketing and other business related stuff. So lets dive into the article and learn some amazing information about this website.

What is the main use of Linktree App?

As we mentioned above, Linktree is widely used by Instagram influencers to power up their bio link in an effective way. Instagram do not allow the users to place hyperlinks in the bio section this is the why many people use the services of Linktree to overcome their policies.

However, Linktree App can be used to place all the links of your social media handles at one place. The website offers lots of amazing features such as intuitive interface, easy to use functions, link customisation and many others that attract the user’s towards their services.

How Linktree for Android work?

There is no rocket science behind the working concept of Linktree as this website provides you a well customised and mobile friendly landing page to place your links. You can easily add and delete links in this website.

There is no function difference between the Linktree App for Android and its popular web version. Feel free to do customisation according to your needs but it will depend upon your Linktree subscription plan. This website offers both free and paid subscription to the users with monthly or yearly charges.

If you are a paid subscription holder of linktree then you will get lots of premium features such as analytics, Leap Link functionality, email collection and many other things.

Features of Linktree App

There are dozens of features of Linktree App for Android that will help you to power of your marketing campaign and manage all the social media links at one place. However, both free and paid subscription have difference in features that are listed below:

Free Features:

  • Create unlimited links of multiple platforms without any restriction.
  • There are various themes available to choose with great customization options.
  • Make your landing page creative by embedding videos directly.
  • You can get complete insights of your landing page visitors.

Premium Features:

  • One of the best premium feature is advanced customization options with easy implementation that attracts your users in one go.
  • There are various powerful integrations to help you out with the development and growth of your Instagram profile.
  • You can schedule the links and power them with the link priority option.
  • Get detailed tracking information of the visitors and check their engagement on your page.


I hope this Linktree App provide you new insights about this most effective website. If you are an internet marketer and Instagram Influencer then this website works perfectly for you.

You can also find Vertechlimited on Linktree. If you find this article helpful then do share it with your digital marketers friends and other ones who need to grow their social media presence.

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