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How To Select the Best Mixer Grinder Online

mixer grinder

Everyone has heard about the mixer grinder because they are one of India’s most used kitchen appliances. They are popular in Indian homes to make tomatoes, grind spices, dosa batter chutney, etc. Therefore, it is safe to say that a mixer is an indispensable appliance that every household should have at home. We can assist you if you want to purchase the top mixer grinder online for your home but aren’t sure how to select the right one. We’ve created some parameters you should consider before purchasing an online mixer grinder.

Things to consider before buying a mixer grinder

Below are the things you should consider before buying a mixer grinder online for your kitchen.

Mixer grinder type

In general, two kinds of mixer grinders are available in the market. The first is a traditional mixer, while the other is a stand mixer. The conventional mixer is powerful enough to mix various elements, and it is usually made for mixing dough and whipping cream. While stand mixers are rarely found in India’s kitchens, they are mainly used in food factories and big bakeries.

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Number of jars

The second thing you should consider is the number of jars included using this mixer. You should purchase a mixer with three or more containers to give you an incredibly versatile grinding experience. If, for instance, you’re making 2 to 3 dishes at the same time, it isn’t necessary to clean the jar each time you need something grind. One jar can be used to make chutneys and one to grind spices, and another to make smoothies or juices. The other thing to examine inside a jar is the handles and the lid. Its handle should be either steel or rubber as it gives you a solid grip when using. The top of the jar must be airtight and robust to last longer.

Wattage & speed

The speed and the wattage are two crucial parameters you should consider when purchasing a mixer grinder. Suppose you have purchased high wattage mixer grinder; you can easily grind the toughest ingredients at a higher speed. If you’re looking to purchase a mixer grinder for your home use, then a mixer that is 500W-750W is ideal.

Another vital parameter is the speed measured by converting it to RPM, i.e., revolution per minute. You can buy one with 18,000 or more rpm to suit your needs. The mixers are all equipped with an adjustable speed knob so that you can alter the speed to meet your grinding requirements.

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Overload protector

There are times when people put their mixer jars to the top and operate the mixer for a long time. There’s a chance of burning the mixer’s motor in that situation. Therefore, to prevent that, most mixers come with an overload protector to protect against overload, which functions as an electric circuit breaker and shields the mixer from being damaged.


It is vital to inspect the mixer’s blades. Check that stainless steel is used for the edges since it helps keep the blades safe from corrosion. Additionally, if the grade of the steel is high, it will improve its sharpness over a long duration.


Find out what warranty the company offers you about the mixer. A warranty of between 2 and 5 years lets you feel comfortable regarding the quality of the product, and the guarantee ensures that your mixer is secure for a longer time. Apart from the warranty, you must consider the after-sale service of the brand you want to purchase.


The cost for the mixer is one of the critical parameters, and the price you pay for the mixer will depend on its performance and features. There are a lot of mixers for sale at low prices on the market, but they do not provide all of the features.


Finally, it would be best to read the user reviews about the product. It’s a great way of discovering whether the product is worth purchasing. You can learn about the experiences of customers who have used the product. Additionally, you will receive specific information regarding the product. Reviews will prove helpful in making an informed choice.


A mixer grinder is an essential kitchen appliance like the gas stove, refrigerator, microwave, water purifier, chimney, etc.

So whenever you plan to buy a mixer grinder, always consider the points mentioned above to select the best one for your home. If you are a fitness freak or health-conscious, you may also consider buying a juicer mixer grinder. With a juicer mixer grinder, you can take all the benefits of a mixer grinder and a juicer. If you do not want to keep two appliances, it will resolve your issue. However, there are some drawbacks to getting a juicer mixer grinder, like the complexity of cleaning and maintaining.

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