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How to do your own nail art and avoid the pit guide

nail art

How can a fairy not get a manicure? As a thrifty and beautiful old fairy, I learned to do my own nail art is really fun and can save money ah ~ today to also want to do their own nail art fairies share my galglitter some small experience it!

I’m a nail artist, I can’t even paint a nail polish, but I’m impatient and not careful. Nail art is a meticulous job, and I believe that as long as you can paint your nails well, it is no problem to do simple basic nail art!

I bought this set of the basic nail art equipment at the time of the Double 11. Of course, I also consulted and learned from the lessons of my friends who can do nail art around me. Nail art is a very important part of the process.

The basic process of nail art is the same.

Remove nail ~ push the old skin ~ repair nail type ~ grinding nail surface ~ clean dust ~ coated with primer light ~ the first color light ~ the second color light ~ the third color light ~ the color is not even on again ~ sealing layer light.

After the basic skills, you can try patterns, like cellophane, painting small flowers, halo, and sticky jewelry; these online tutorials are also very simple. Oral also do not understand what we look for themselves. Difficult in the left-hand to right-hand manipulation, more practice will be much better.

Items needed

  1. nail removal towel, a nail with a piece, very convenient.
  2. double-headed push nail, shear, I used the Vietnam easy to cut this brand, nail products store basically sold, the price is similar, pusher 15.6, shear 65. there are more expensive, but I used this is very good to use, and the new nail package has a few pieces of completely different
  3. nail rub, used to repair the nail type
  4. Double-sided sponge strips, rough surface rubbing nail surface, cotton surface polishing.
  5. Cleaning solution nail art cotton tablets. Will nail friends let me buy cleaning fluid on the line? I can clean powder, nail polish, and nail art pens.
  6. function glue: balance liquid (to prevent open glue), base glue, tempered sealer, frosted sealer, reinforcement glue. These commonly used recommendations to buy a good point, more than 20 pieces of.
  7. galglitter nail polish powder, I began to buy only 6 bottles, or because of the way activities to buy 5 to send a, or I intend to buy a bottle a month want to do the color
  8. sticky jewelry to buy sticky diamond glue, a kind of jar of thick used to stick diamonds, a kind of pen used to fill the gaps, and small sticky diamonds.
  9. the most important lights! Must buy at least 48w lights! Otherwise, the reinforcement glue, sticky drill glue, or coated thick is not dry. The kind of small and good-looking truly difficult to use, do a nail down the waist are about to break it is still not baked!
  10. nail special gloves, this depends on the individual, anyway, my hand would have been black, you have to use ah!
  11. point drill pen can buy a, can draw small flowers, stroke, sticky drill. Brush is I do not use the lip brush and side shadow brush, one for color mixing and halo, and one used to sweep the manicure nail powder.
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