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The Different Patterns Of Jeans For The Fall

There are many types of denim, and a few key things to know before purchasing your denim. First, it is important to know that denim is classified by weight per square yard or in ounces. You can buy denim in various weights, from 5oz to 32oz. Denim is not only durable and comfortable to wear, but it is also incredibly versatile. So it is important to choose the right type of fabric you plan to sew with.

Selvedge Denim

Selvage denim is made with a more tight weave than traditional projectile-woven denim. This means less stress on the yarn during weaving. The selvage edge is only visible on the outer side seam of a garment, and all other edges must be overlocked to prevent fraying. Many mills label their selvedge denim with color thread to distinguish them from other brands.  They are an integral part of winter fashion trends. You can pair them up with nigh neck sweaters or stylish trench coats to enhance your overall look. 

Although the name selvedge is often confused with raw denim, the two terms are not the same. Raw denim is made of raw fabric, while selvedge denim uses already washed denim. Selvedge denim is a staple of the denim closet and can be worn year-round.

Raw Denim

Try a pair of raw denim jeans if you want to add some luxury to your everyday wardrobe. They can serve as casual sweatpants or a fancy pair of date-night pants. You can also use them as pajamas. Just don’t swim in them.

The key to raw denim is not washing it. This fabric will continue to age and evolve as you wear it, giving you a unique look. You can even let the denim wear out, creating a unique pattern each time you wear it. The only downside to raw denim is that it tends to shrink quite a bit. It can take two or three weeks to wear a pair, but it will last a long time.

Stonewashed Denim

This fall, the trend for stonewashed denim will be back. The look was popular in the 1970s and was popularized by the commercial acid wash process in the 1980s. Stonewashed denim is heavily distressed, with frayed edges and pre-made holes. It is also stiff to wear and will slowly fade over time.

Another fall trend for stonewashed denim is the darker color. Unlike its light counterpart, darker denim is more versatile and formal. It also tends to have a more intense look.

High-Rise Denim

The fall 2021 trend is all about black and white. Consider a high-rise denim jacket from Reformation if you’re looking for a contrasting color to balance your fall wardrobe. High-rise denim can also be a fun way to express a unique sense of style with the addition of a fun print. Checkered straight jeans can be a great choice for fall because they don’t look like a typical pair of jeans. They also look great with a sweater during the fall. 

Another trend is to make women and men’s low-rise fit jeans  with different cut options. Like high-rise jeans, low-rise jeans are popular too and they are also have a place among the jeans trends for the fall. 


Fall is the perfect season to wear denim. The darker, the better! Here are some ideas for designing a pair of jeans. Keep in mind that denim is not only comfortable to wear but also must be dark in color. Here are some tips on designing a pair of jeans that fits you properly.

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