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How Do I Choose My First Tattoo Machine

Tattoo Machine


If you are a professional tattooist, you probably know that the technical factor is always what determines 70% of the quality of a product.

Being able to own a good tattoo machine with high quality, it is also an important issue. In this article, we will answer “How do I choose my first tattoo machine?“.

How Do I Choose My First Tattoo Machine

Before choosing the tattoo machine, you should research carefully on the Internet through a useful source. You can also consider it according to some factors that we listed below.


You worry that the machine could break the tattoo midway and cause risk on the customer’s skin, which can badly influence your reputation in this field. It would help if you had a reliable machine that could perform in the right way. 

Therefore, the best advice for you is to look for a tattoo machine made from popular materials such as copper, aluminum, steel, iron, or brass. Their sturdy metal frame ensures a durable machine that will take you lessen time to set up and lengthen time to tattoo.

Aluminum machines are lighter in weight, whereas brass ones are mostly heavier and more durable than others.

Source: Internet

Shape And Weight

Your purpose is to create a beautiful tattoo, which meets the customer’s demand on your skin. This process can take hours. If you use a tattoo machine that is too big and heavy, it will cause your hands to get tired sooner and make it harder for you to handle small details and rotate at different angles comfortably. 

Additionally, heavy use of the machine over many years can increase the risk of suffering chronic disease such as carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that is surprisingly common in the tattooing world.

There will be nothing suitable for everyone, so you really need to try it on and choose one machine comfortably shaped to hold. Excessive stretching or shapes that are difficult for you to grasp will hurt the length of time it takes you to complete a tattoo and make it harder for you to move, which directly affects the beauty of the tattoo on your customer’s skin. 

Rotary Or Coil Tattoo Machine

In a coil tattoo machine, electromagnetic waves will go through the coils to quickly close and break the circuit. Periodically, pull the rebar (with the attached tattoo needle) into the skin and then back again.

Compared with rotary tattoo machines, coil tattoo machines cause more damage and heal more slowly. However, coils can also take on more complex tattoos than stable rotary ones can do.

However, to make good use of this type of tattoo machine, it should be reserved for tattoo artists who are highly skilled and proficient with tattoo machines, because there will be higher safety.

Source: Internet

Check Out Accessories

Not all power supplies or needles created are equal, so ensure you have the appropriate accessories for the right machine. Some machines require needle and shank from the similar company while others are interchangeable, so be sure to read your manual and watch the video guide. 

The tattoo machine needs more voltage as you increase the coil or the size of the needle group, so an inconsistently powered or low wattage machine will find it difficult to penetrate the skin with the needle, resulting in a bad tattoo. Besides, you also need to buy high-quality tattoo ink for your product.


“How do I choose my first tattoo machine?“. The best advice for you is based on your experience. There are also four tips that we mention above for you to consider before choosing the tattoo machine. We hope you will choose the right one and make the best tattoos. 

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