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How Much Does It Cost to Develop On-Demand Laundry App in 2022?

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Well, on-demand apps play a vital role in the life of ordinary men. Everything is available on the smartphone; we need to tap a few clicks, and the desired thing will appear at your place in a couple of minutes.


On-demand mobile services list we have an on-demand laundry app in the limelight these days and getting much volume, so if you are planning to invest money in on-demand laundry apps, then it is high time to invest in it.


But before investing money, you want to know how much does its development cost?


This article will help you to get an idea of the development cost of an on-demand laundry app, market stacks, Online Laundry App Development Company, development process, features and more, so read the article to the endpoint.


Estimated cost:


It is difficult to answer the development cost of any app because it is not fixed, varying with time or features.


Cost depends on several factors like development team, technologies, features or complexity, development time, project location, and more.


If you want to build an app with basic features, the cost will be $ 3000 to 15000, but if you want an app with advanced features like real-time tracking, chat options, and more, then your cost will slightly increase by $8000 to 25000.


Again, this is not an exact amount of development for on-demand laundry apps; it is just a basic idea.


Market Stack:


According to the market analyst, the business of on-demand laundry apps will reach upto $ 7885 million by the end of 2022 in the USA.


In the below list, we added the name of some companies that are getting good volume in the dry cleaning business.


  • Cleanly – Founded in the year 2013. Accumulated seed funding of $3.3 Million.


  • Washio – Launched in 2013 and has an appropriation of $14.8 Million.


  • Laundrapp – Based in 2014 and gained $6.9 Million in grants.


  • Rinse – Indexed in 2013 and organized $4.5 Million.


  • Taxi – Established in 1990. Strike $121.2 Million.


Development process:


You have an idea in your mind & want to execute it, but before dealing with it, you should know the basic development process. Let’s have a look at the list development.


  1. Magnificent planning


  1. Evaluate budget 


  1. Existence project 


  1. Error or bugs-free app


  1. Development


  1. Formation


  • Magnificent planning


To execute any idea in the real world, you need to make a glorious plan; with excellent planning, you can lead the market and competitive world.


  • Evaluate budget


Budget evaluation is essential to make any plan successful; you can’t leave any project while developing it due to a lack of money because it takes a lot of money and time. 


  • Existence project 


You have a plan in your mind & want to execute it in real life; before doing this, check the project scope or existence in the market. You can take the help of developers for this.


  • Error or bugs-free app


To increase the user interface on your app, you need to develop an error- or bug-free app that will give your users a glorious feeling.


  • Development


Development is not an easy task; you need an experienced mobile app development company or solution provider to help you execute your plan and give a class edge to your app.


  • Formation


The last step is to form the app on platforms like iOS and android. You need to analyze the market and required documents before deployment.


Advance features:


The advanced feature is the crucial factor that will help you lead the market quickly. Let’s have a look at the features that should be in your app.


  1. Unique registration process
  2. Real tracking
  3. Direct chat or call option
  4. Cashback or rewards
  5. Push notifications
  6. Return or replacement option
  7. Multiple payment options


  • Unique registration process


To increase the volume or traffic on your site then, you need to make the registration process simple or unique. You should give the option to log in via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitter Gmail or Instagram to increase user interface.


  • Real tracking


Accurate tracking increases the trust in your app and allows a user to check their product’s live location and how many days it will take to deliver to your place. So add this feature to your app when you create a laundry app.


  • Direct chat or call option


It is one of the best features to chat directly with the store owner or delivery boy regarding your product or stuff. With the help of these features, you can discuss your concern & get accurate information.


  • Cashback or rewards


To engage the customer more on your site, giving offers or rewards will attract them to purchase more using your app.


  • Push notifications


Push notifications are for sending an alert when your product is ready to deliver; it helps the user to prepare to collect their stuff or, if it is not available, then send a request for delivery at a nearby place.


  • Return or replacement option


If you ordered something and did not receive items upto the mark or did not match your expectations, then you should give the option of return or replacement in your app; that will make your app more trustworthy among the other laundry apps. 


Multiple payment options


It is one of the best advanced features of on demand laundry app; using this option, you can complete your payment by using debit, credit, UPI, net banking or cash on delivery. It helps users to select their favourite method for the complete payment process.


Ending words:


In this blog, we discussed the development cost, development process, advantages and market stacks.


So if you want to invest money on-demand laundry app business, you need an excellent or experienced partner who will provide you with world-class solutions for your dream project. Before selecting anyone, check their customer reviews, previously completed projects, and their portfolio.




Q1. Cost of on-demand laundry app development?


Ans. Simple or basic features on-demand laundry app estimated cost is $3000 to 5000.


Q2. Top three laundry apps name?


 Ans.1. 2. TaskRabbit 3. next



 Q3. Best laundry app development company in India?


Ans. Several mobile app development companies are available in India, but as per our market research or team survey, JPLoft solution is the best mobile app development company.


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