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Get An MBBS Admission In China’s Top Medical Colleges

For Pakistani Students In China

As you know, access to private higher education institutions is very difficult in Pakistan. Due to a low number of seats and many other problems, many Pakistani students choose to study MBBS abroad. China is the most popular country to study medicine as it offers very low tuition fees compared to countries like Pakistan. In addition, all Chinese universities are public and therefore offer very high-quality education.

China is the second largest economy in the world and has some of the best medical universities in the world. These universities are able to accept international students at a low cost because the country has a huge budget for education, research, and development in the medical sciences.

China is one of Pakistan’s closest neighbors with a long and glorious history. However, many people think that life in China will be difficult because of conflicts with China, but this is not the case. Chinese people love Pakistani culture and have always been friendly to Pakistanis. They are friendly and honest. When you visit China, you will realize that everything you have read or heard about the country is wrong.

China is investing more and more every year in education. It is easier for foreign students to get scholarships and research grants for MBBS Admission in China. As all Chinese universities are state-owned, their infrastructure and facilities are of a good standard. Medical education in China is internationally recognized and more than 50 universities are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.


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MBA Programs in China

In 2003-2004, Pakistani students started applying to medical schools in China. In 2007-2008, the PMC issued MBBS admission rules for Pakistani students and the Medical Council of Pakistan approved a list of 30 medical colleges in China. The approval was based solely on the permission of the Chinese Ministry of Education, which allows medical colleges to admit international students in English.

In 2007-2008, information on the eligibility of MBBS students to study in China was officially published on the PMC website. Previously, admission to the program required a minimum of 50% in physics, chemistry or biology with 10+2 or equivalent grades. Before going to China, they had to apply to PMC for a certificate of eligibility to prove that their medical degree was recognized. For many years, there were no clear admission criteria for the MBBS program and all students had to obtain a certificate of eligibility.

From 2008 to 2016-2017, Chinese medical schools changed the admission criteria for Pakistani students from 50% to at least 60%. However, many students admitted with a lower percentage failed to master medical subjects and did not complete the five-year program. The Chinese Ministry of Education has taken decisive and important steps to improve the education and qualifications of foreign students.

From 2017-18, the Medical Council of MDCAT introduced the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (MDCAT) for all students aged 10+2 who want to study medicine. However, many students did not know that this exam is conducted in different states of Pakistan and was exempted from taking the MDCAT exam this year.

This year, these students were allowed to study MBBS without passing the MDCAT; in the 2018-19 academic year, MDCAT was made mandatory for all students who wish to study medicine abroad. However, in March 2019, MDCAT will be introduced. In March 2019, the PMC granted a special exemption to students who failed MDCAT-2018 and planned to enroll in MBBS or an equivalent medical course abroad, pending the results of MDCAT-2019, which is scheduled to be announced on June 5, 2019. Such students will need to apply for a PMC certificate before enrolling in a foreign university.

The eligibility of Pakistani students to study MBBS in China will be announced in 2019 and the MDCAT results will be valid for three years from the date of the result announcement. These students will be able to continue their MBBS studies in China, including MBBS or medical preparatory courses and/or equivalent postgraduate courses after graduation. This PMC Eligibility Regulations 2019 has made it easier for many Pakistani students who are already studying MBBS in top Chinese universities and wish to study in the future. Please see the regular PMC announcements below.

Medical school admission procedure in China

The MBBS admission process in China is very simple. Since the entry requirements for medical school are at least at the high school level, it is much more competitive compared to other countries.

To apply to medical school in China, applicants need to submit grades 10, 12, and MDCAT, a recent passport photo, and an original and certified copy of their passport. How to apply for MBBS admission in China – 2022

In addition, MBBS colleges have many quality hospitals where students have more opportunities for internship programs. These hospitals offer state-of-the-art medical services that meet the highest international standards. This gives Pakistani students the opportunity to become more familiar with Chinese medical training and to gain new insights into their profession.

Medical School Admission in China 2022

Course fee 2.0 lakh per year

MBBS Diploma Program 5+1 years

Eligibility criteria Minimum 60% PCB, MDCAT qualification.

The closing date for applications is September 31, 2022.

Course start date: October 15, 2022.

MBBS English College in China

Throughout China, Fundamentals of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) has always been taught in Chinese. Only after 2004 did the Chinese government and the Ministry of Education allow some universities to offer this medical course in English. China is still known in the world as the country of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, MBBS in English has not been one of the strengths of Chinese medical education.

In 2010-2011, the number of Asian students coming to China to study medicine increased so much that the Ministry of Education allowed several medical schools to offer MBBS in English in order to accommodate more foreign students. In 2014-2015, the Ministry of Education announced that it had officially approved 45 medical schools to offer MBBS courses in English to foreign students.

However, many local Pakistan representatives and some lesser-known Chinese medical colleges introduced the concept of bilingual courses, convincing students that MBBS can be taught in both English and Chinese; in the first year, students were taught in Chinese, while from the second year on, regular classes were taught in English. Since tuition fees at these medical colleges are very cheap compared to MBBS colleges in the UK, many Pakistani students choose them.

In recent years, many Pakistani students have encountered problems in such bilingual medical universities and have complained to the Pakistani embassy in China. This is the main reason why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had to publicly announce to the Pakistani embassy the list of 45 medical universities that have been allowed to teach MBBS in English.

In China, MBBS is either half English or half Chinese, and the other half of the English course is Clinical Integrative Medicine, which includes traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Now, if a Pakistani student wants to study medicine in China in semi-English, he/she should be sure that he/she will be admitted ONLY to the 45 medical universities listed in China, whose fees range from 3 to 8,000 euros per year. If a local representative refers you to a medical university other than the 45 listed universities, you will NOT be able to sit for the FMGE exam, which is organized by the Medical Council of Pakistan.


The MBBS program is very economical, as many top medical schools offer scholarships. Even without scholarships, the cost of medical school in China is very low. Usually, the fees for MBBS in China start from Rs 3,00,000 per year and for the 5-year program, the fees for MBBS in China will cost around Rs 15,000. If you include accommodation and other food expenses, the cost of the course will be Rs 18,50,000 for the entire 5-year course.

The MBBS course in China is extremely affordable compared to studies in European countries, the USA, the UK, Japan, and Korea. There are many job opportunities.

Chinese universities are world-class and have a high standard of education. This makes it an ideal place to study medicine in China and the MBBS degree offered is recognized by all developed countries.

MBBS in China for Pakistanis should not be a cause for concern as Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular in the world. Apart from the food, the weather conditions are also pleasant. If students complete their internship in China, they will not have to do it again in Pakistan.

The fees for medical universities in China vary depending on the location and university. In some major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Sichuan, medical tuition fees are high compared to other smaller cities. At the same time, costs and living standards also vary while studying in China.

The other reason for the difference in fees for MBBS courses in China is teaching in English. Some universities are authorized to teach MBBS in English by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Some universities that do not teach MBBS in English can afford to have a low fee structure. However, they are not authorized by the PMC.

Here is the list of top 10 Chinese medical universities where Pakistani students can get MBBS at low cost:


Liaoning University of TCM Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in class 12 10-15 lacs English apply now

Jinning Medical University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in class 12 10-15 lakes Chinese Apply now

Henan University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in class 12 10-15 Chinese lakes Apply Now

Shenyang Medical College Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in 12th grade 10-15 thousand Chinese Apply Now

Shenyang Pharmaceutical University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in 12th grade 10-15 thousand Chinese Apply now

Shihezi University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in grade 12 15-20 Lakh English apply now

Qingdao University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in class 12 20-30 Lakh English apply now

Jilin University Qualified MDCAT, 50% in PCBE in class 12 20-30 English Lakes Apply Now

Guangxi Medical University Qualified MDCAT, 60% in PCBE in class 12 20-30 English Lakes Apply Now

Central South University MDCAT qualification, 50% PCBE in class 12 20-30 lakh English Apply Now

The tuition fee structure for Pakistani students in 2020 is the lowest among all foreign study destinations and medical colleges in Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistani students prefer MBBS or equivalent courses in China with low fees.

All tuition fees of medical colleges in China are published on the websites, there are no scholarships or hidden fees, making them a more reliable source for students coming to study medicine.

All medical colleges in China are government-owned, there are no private medical colleges in China, so the cost of MBBS in China is set so that any ordinary person can afford to become a doctor based on his merit and qualifications.

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