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Get MBBS Admission In China’s Top Medical Colleges

MBBS Admission in China

MBBS in China 2022-23: admission, fees, documents, and top schools


Studying an MBBS in China is easy, cheap, and flexible. This country definitely has one of the best medical universities in China for Pakistani students. Around 45 universities can be enrolled without making a donation to the institution. MBBS Admission in China has always shown its potential in the field of education and is a great destination for all doctors who want to study in Pakistan.

In this article, you will learn about China and its medical universities, admission to MBBS in China, MBBS fees in China for Pakistani students, admission criteria, the pros, and cons of studying MBBS in China, and much more about China and its universities.

Summary by country

The People’s Republic of China is located in East Asia and is the most populous country in the world. It covers almost all of East Asia and about a quarter of the world’s land area. Of the world’s largest countries, China is larger than Russia and Canada and almost as large as the whole of Europe.

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Population 138.64 crores (2017)

Area 9,596,961 sq km (3,705,407 sq miles) (3-4)

Capital Beijing

Chinese language

Other languages: Mongolian, Uyghur, Tibetan, Chuang, and others.

The climate ranges from tropical in the south to subarctic in the north.

The literacy rate is 96.4%.

Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard Time)

Currency Renminbi (Yuan; ¥) (CNY)

Religion Buddhism, other religions including popular sects of Salvinism and Taoism, Christianity, Islam, etc.

Quick Facts

Before reading about MBBS in China, let’s briefly review the information about MBBS in China.

MBBS course offered

Course duration 6 years

Basic requirements 12th-grade degree with PCB and 70% of subjects in English.

Language of instruction English

Recognition by PMC and WHO-accredited universities.

The cost of living in China is 380 ~ 1000 USD per month.

The minimum course cost is Rs. 2.000.000/-.

MDCAT entrance exam (only for qualified students).

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Chinese Medical School Accreditation

Dependency screening, accreditation, and other dependency parameters are the most important factors to determine which are the best and top MBBS schools in China. These institutions include medical schools in China for Pakistani students.

Chinese Ministry of Education.

PMC (National Medical Council)

WHO (World Health Organization)

Eligibility criteria

China has always been a destination for Pakistani and foreign students wishing to study medicine. If you too wish to study MBBS in China, please read the eligibility criteria below.

Age On or before 31 December of the year of entry, the candidate must be at least 17 years old.

A 12th grade certificate in Science, PCB and English with 70% marks recognized by Pakistani authorities.

Minimum score (%) 55% in 10+2 (UR) test

45 % (S/ST/OBC)

MDCAT qualifying entrance exam

Language of instruction English, Chinese

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Top 10 countries where Pakistani students can study MBBS abroad at low cost

Admission Process

If you are interested in applying for an MBBS program in China, you need to take the national entrance exam (MDCAT). Please note that you only need to fulfill the requirements for the exam. Here are some valuable MDCAT exam preparation resources to help you enhance your preparation for the MDCAT exam.

MBBS abroad 2022-23 Step-by-step instructions for applying for MBBS abroad program

Required Documents.

Please bring all the below-mentioned important documents with you before applying for admission to any of the top medical universities in China.

International passport (with validity of at least 18 months).

Report and report card of 10th grade.

Certificate of complete general secondary education and certificate of completion of 12th grade.

Birth certificate.

10 photos the size of a belt.

Official invitation letter from the Chinese Medical University.

Permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (New Delhi) for the execution of all documents.

Legalization of all documents at the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Visa fees.

Bank receipt of payment of the tuition fee for the 1st year of study at China Medical University (required for some universities).

MBBS study program in China

Before you go to China to study medicine, compare MBBS study programs in some of the top PMC-approved Chinese medical universities. The structure and system of MBBS in China is as follows:

Human anatomy Cell biology Histology and embryology

Regional anatomy Biochemistry Medical immunology

Medical genetics Physiology Pathophysiology

Pharmacology Pathology Pathological microbiology Pathogenic microbiology

Social medicine Medical ethics Obstetrics and Gynecology

Hygienic diagnostics Clinical pharmacology

Diagnostic imaging Basic surgery Traditional Chinese medicine

Biostatistics Dentistry Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)

Nuclear medicine Ophthalmology Dermatology and venereology

Internal medicine Surgery Psychology and psychiatry

Infectious diseases Pediatrics Clinical epidemiology

Neurosurgery Neurology Forensic Medicine and Toxicology

Best MBBS schools with tuition fee structure

In this section, we provide information about Chinese MBBS fees for Pakistani students and the cost of MBBS in China. See.

Name of the university Tuition fee Living expenses

Xi’an Jiaotong University R 4 70 000 1 03 230

Xinjiang Medical University 3 01 200 57 180

Ningxia Medical University 3 42 000 68 000

Yangzhou University 2 52 500 11 470

Qiqihar Medical University 1 83 600 34 400

China Medical University 4,00,000 70,000

Jilin University 2 90 000 72 000

Nanjing Medical University 3 89 980 68 820

Dalian Medical University 4 50,000 80,000

Wuhan Medical University 2 56 000 96 000

Jinan Medical University 4 59 000 24 100

Anhui Medical University 3 00 000 40 000

Ningbo Medical University 3 90 200 28 600

The above rates are indicative and subject to change. Balance per one leading medical faculty in China

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