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Ent Instruments

Surgical Instruments And Tools For ENT And Otolaryngology

Stryker designed Jimymedical’s ENT surgical instruments to improve and optimize FESS procedures so you can treat more patients with greater precision and comfort in the space you need. Along with best-in-class product solutions from Stryker’s ENT product line, these Ent Instruments and tools allow you to deliver consistent results for patients you can trust.

Entellus Medical’s enhanced anesthesia needle

An improved anesthesia needle is reliable for easy and consistent injection delivery while ensuring optimal control. The unique combination of a 27G tip, which provides a slow flow rate, and a larger outer sheath, which provides a positive stop for precise injection depth, ensures maximum patient comfort.

Anesthetic needle

MiniFESS probe/release

MiniFESS sinus probes provide an easy and accurate way to verify sinus position and device placement. This added confidence allows you to confidently perform sinus drainage procedures, even in narrow or complex anatomical locations, making procedures faster and easier and improving patient outcomes.


MiniFESS surgical knife

The 10 mm curved blade scalpel can be used with excellent precision and control for ENT surgical procedures such as tubal reduction and concha bullosa excision, anterior ethmoidectomy, uncinectomy and septoplasty.

Sickle knife

MiniFESS equipment

MiniFESS surgical tool sets combine all the tools you need for the ideal range of motion, visualization and easy confirmation of sinus position for quick access and increased safety. The forceps set includes seven forceps, a scalpel and a sterilization tray. The detector set includes two maxillary detectors, a wedge/spine detector and a light detector. Both sets help you perform ENT surgery to treat patients with complex diseases and anatomical challenges and improve overall outcomes.

MiniFESS forceps

The MiniFESS family of surgical forceps offers ENT surgeons a greater range of motion, greater precision when performing procedures, and better tissue preservation in the form of customizable surgical instruments. Whether a patient’s surgery requires bone or cartilage removal or gentle soft tissue compression, these medical forceps offer comfortable control. The following forceps are available:

Turbine forceps

Blakesley, straight, 45 and 90 degree Blakesley forceps.

Blakesley forceps cut, straight and 45 degree angle.


Cyclone suction and irrigation system for sinks with cyclone.

The dual action of the Cyclone system creates a positive patient experience by providing accurate irrigation with saline while effectively suctioning to minimize buildup and drainage. Its unique one-handed design includes a configurable remote sub-tube that can be adapted to suction and flush multiple sinuses from the same patient.


Entellus Medical Shaver System

The Shaver System is designed for bone shaping and soft and hard tissue removal. The unique pencil handle and reusable blade options provide you with a versatile, cost-effective tool for ENT surgery. The system’s direct suction channel with built-in irrigation is designed to minimize clogging and effectively cool the handle for reliable, uninterrupted performance.

Shaver System

MiniFESS sterilization platform

This MiniFESS autoclavable sterilization tray for surgical instruments can hold eight finger instruments and six puncture instruments.

Sterilization tray

Cliq suction pump

The Cliq pump provides quiet but powerful suction airflow and features a portable and durable two-cylinder design.

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