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Android What is it in Android is an android package used for multimedia messaging service in your device. In this post, we will cover complete information about the usage of and errors that come due to it.

Many android packages come with specific hardwares of our device which are used for developing purpose. Sometimes system apps and packages start creating problems in the backend due to which we get errors on our screen.

Before we begin explaining ‘’, you must know about the MMS. So stay with this article and enjoy reading some great information about your query.

About MMS

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a mobile phone messaging service that allows users to send and receive pictures, audio, and video clips. All the devices use the same method to send MMS but you must be connected with the cellular data instead of Wi-Fi for a successful request process.


MMS messages are generally more attractive since individuals tend to respond to photos or video in their inboxes. If you wish to convey lots of information in each message, MMS is an option because the character limit is 1600.

What is

There are many Android packages used while creating Android OS, and one of them is It is necessary to process multiple Mini tasks while receiving and sending MMS messages on your android smartphone.

Several folders exist on your smartphone, and a naming structure was created to allow applications with similar names to coexist peacefully. The package ‘’ is also used to quickly identify your MMS version.

When a package or app does anything, we say it has a process assigned to it. Corrupt apps often cause errors in the service. A corrupt file or a software fault may be to blame. Remember that if your Android smartphone runs out of memory, older processes will be terminated. Errors

You may face multiple errors like “ not working” and it will restrict you from sending MMS. So it becomes important to remove those errors, and it can be done after following some methods below.

Install Third-Party Messaging Apps – If you are facing frequent errors while sending MMS, then you can remove tough problems by downloading third-party message applications. Moreover, you can delete these apps after your problem get solved.

Reboot your Device: It can be possible that application has stopped unexpectedly error comes due to various tasks running in the background simultaneously. So, you can reboot your device to stop all those tasks and solve this problem.

Update Softwares and Apps: Your Android device requires multiple android packages to work properly. When you are running older version of softwares and apps on your smartphone, then there is a huge possibility of getting errors. So it is recommended to keep update your apps and software to get rid of errors like “” has been stopped.

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FAQs –

In this section we have covered all the commonly asked queries related to If you think any question is missing out here then ask in the comment section. I will update it here with relevant answers.

1. Why I am not able to send MMS?

If you are using third party messaging applications along with your smartphone default message app, then you can face problems while sending MMS.

2. Can I disable

It is an android package that the developers can operate. So you cannot disable it from your unless you know how to enter developer mode.


I hope, you are now aware about after reading this article. This android package is required for multiple tasks while sending MMS from your device. If you are facing errors because of this package, then try to remove them by following methods mentioned above instead of disable it.

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