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How To Fix BGMI 1.8 Update Not Showing On Play Store? Here’s the guide

In India, Battlegrounds Mobile (BGMI) was scheduled to receive its latest version 1.8, which has a Spiderman theme, today (January 14th, 2022). Sadly, when fans search for BGMI on the Google Play Store, they don’t have the option to update to the latest version.

There is no need to panic if you’re experiencing the same problem as BGMI 1.8 update not showing up on Google Play Store. We’ve put up straightforward instructions on how to fix the issue.

So let’s move towards our procedure to fix this issue in easy steps.

BGMI 1.8 Update Not Showing Fix

Two methods are available for resolving the issue of the Google Play Store not showing the BGMI 1.8 updates. Keep reading this article to learn more about these strategies and how they operate.

Method 1:

  1. First of all open Google Play Store on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the search option and type BGMI.
  3. If the option to update to the latest version of BGMI is not appearing.
  4. Clear Google Play Store’s cache by going to Settings and closing the recent application.
  5. After clearing the cache, open the Google Play Store, type BGMI Now, and tap on the green Update button.
  6. The BGMI Spiderman update will download.
  7. The following method should be applied if this method does not resolve the BGMI issue.

Method 2

  1. BGMI 1.8 Update not showing issue can be resolved by downloading the newest update from a third-party site called TapTap. Yes, the site will upload the newest version on its website soon.
  2. The BGMI Spiderman update can be obtained by following the below-mentioned steps once it has been updated.
  3. In the first step, you must download the TapTap application from here.
  4. Launch it on your device when it’s installed.
  5. Enter ‘BGMI’ into the search box.
  6. Select the game you want to download, then touch the Download button. Here’s a link to the latest version of the game.
  7. To play the game, simply log in with your username and password.

Reasons Why BGMI 1.9 Update Not Showing In Play Store?

There can be several reasons for not receiving the 1.9 BGMI update, so I will be giving you the problem as well as its solutions. Let’s know all the reasons.

  • Cache Issue
  • Slow Internet
  • Not a Beta Tester
  • Low Storage
  • System Not updated
  • Not Playing Game Regularly
  • Google Play Libraries Are Of Old Version
  • Krafton Releases Update In Phases


So this is the best working fix of the BGMI 1.8 update not showing up on the Google Play Store. If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to ask.

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