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What is Androidhwext in Huawei Phone?

Do you want to know about the presence of Androidhwext app in your smartphone? If yes, then this post will help you to find all the necessary information regarding this application.

As soon as Huawei started using spyware as built-in apps on their devices, the company was hindered by suspicion. This has led to concern among Huawei users when it comes to installing new system apps.

In particular, the androidhwext app has prompted many Huawei users to express their displeasure. It’s possible that it’s an essential system application, but some think it’s spyware.

This post will explain what androidhwext is, how it works, and whether or not you should remove it.

There are two ways to find out what Androidhwext stands for, and we’ll explain both.

What is Androidhwext and how it works?

If you have a Huawei phone, Androidhwext comes pre-installed on your phone. It’s a system framework that controls how Huawei’s home screen and apps look and how they work in the company’s own graphical user interface, or EMUI.

With the androidhwext’s Dark mode, users can darken the interface colours by switching to a darker shades. In addition, this software enables Android app developers to build their apps based on the look and feel of the EMUI native apps.

Huawei’s Emotion User Interface, sometimes known as EMUI, is a customised version of Android that runs on Huawei and Honor smartphones. EMUI is often referred to as Magic UI on Honor smartphones. and are the framework-res.apk components of the androidhwext app, and the storage location of this programme is /system/framework/framework-res-hwext.apk

The and the are responsible for the look and feel of displays and apps in Dark Mode, respectively.

The device’s graphical user interface is represented by the Framework-res.apk file.

Battery Consumption of ANDROIDHWEXT

The Gsam Battery Monitor app will let you see which apps are draining your battery and you can choose to close them. We have not seen it consume a great deal of power, but you can try it if you’re concerned about it. Moreover, you can try various online services to check the battery health and usage of particular apps.


The simple answer is No. As mentioned above, Androidhwext is a system application used for optimistic graphical purposes in smartphones that can not be uninstalled.

Is Androidhwext Safe to use?

While what this app does on the surface seems legit, its actions in the background, the act of spying, have been charged with spyware. This is still uncertain but Hawuei have been asked to respond and has not yet done so.

However, it is an application developed by the official developers of smartphones to improve user experience so we can trust on it.

What are the permission required by androidhwext?

This application asks no specific permission, so you can remove your concern regarding the data piracy and other stuffs. However, as it is a system application like Omacp, so all the necessary permissions are already allowed to them.


So this is all about the androidhwext app, which is commonly used in Huawei phones. If you have any queries related to this post, then feel free to ask in the comments or reach us through the contact us page. Don’t forget to spread your words with others.

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