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Why Valorant Agent Neon Disabled? Here’s To Check

Are you here to know about why Valorant Agent Neon Disabled? If yes, then stay with this post to get complete information regarding this news.

In Valorant, Agent Neon is the newest verified agent. The speedy agent, on the other hand, arrived to Valorant a little sooner than expected. Agent Neon’s arrival in Valorant was made official after leaks of character information. She made it to the game for a limited period of time before being retracted. To find out why Valorant Agent Neon was taken out of the game and when she will return, read on.

Why was Valorant Agent Neon Disabled?

In Episode 4, Agent Neon was made accessible to players as a free agent. Fortunately, Riot Games promptly removed the agent before anyone had a chance to interact with her in-game. According to Riot Games’ tweet, it was an error on their end. Players in areas that received Patch 4.0 unintentionally received the new agent for a brief period of time. However, Riot Games has removed the character from the game and addressed the issue on their Twitter page. Find out when the newest Valorous agent will be available in the game by reading on.

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When Will Neon Be Available In Valorant?

Agent Neon was re-enabled as the 19th agent in the game just a few hours after she was taken offline, as confirmed by the tweet. Agent Neon, who had been disabled, can now be unlocked by the purchase of her contract or the completion of missions and matches. Neon’s been disabled in regions where Patch 4.0 is now live since Riot tweeted, “Neon mistakenly went out as an unlocked Agent.” Two hours is our goal for her return to the game.”

So it is the reason Valorant Neon Agent Disabled. She has returned to the game and we hope you enjoy playing with her. Feel free to share this game news with your friends who desperately play Valorant.

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