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Best VPN Review: A Look At iTop VPN

Are you looking for a reliable VPN? If yes, we save you from the trouble of trial and error by recommending iTop VPN. It is a highly useful tool that offers the best services, ensuring a hassle-free browsing experience when installed on your device.

So, how good is this VPN service? It is a valid question that you should have as a client. We review the features of this VPN for PC utility to show you how good it is.

iTop VPN’s Freeware

The number one feature to love about iTop VPN is its freeware. You can use the VPN’s free version as a preview of its functionality. No need to sign up when you opt for the freeware; you get it directly from the website, install and launch it. You are now good to browse, with the assurance of security.

Key features of the freeware include browsing protection and 700MB daily data bandwidth. These are a few features suitable for lightweight internet use. As a frequent internet user, you should upgrade to premium plans.

Works With Various PC Operating Systems

While this iTop product is a VPN for Windows, it also has a version that supports Mac. You must download the right version compatible with your device’s operating platform. Moreover, it works with older and new operating system releases.

iTop VPN for Mobile

iTop VPN does not only work with PCs. It has versions for Android and iOS smartphone operating systems, which come in the form of downloadable apps. You can get the mobile applications from the website or download them from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

The Blog Section

There is a blog section on the website, which is home to several informative articles that touch on various topics. It is an educative section where you can learn how to use this VPN, how to get the best out of it, and many more tips. Check out the articles if you are a new user for an easy time using the utility.

The Affiliate Program

iTop has an affiliate program that you can join for a chance to earn a handsome commission. If accepted, you need to refer clients to iTop’s products by sharing unique links and having iTops banners on your website or blog. You get paid for every successful referral that leads to a purchase.

Customer Support

iTop VPN has a 24/7 available support center, which you can reach by submitting a ticket or sending an email. The response is fast, and you will receive professional help from an efficient team.


This VPN service has three plans, should you decide to go premium. You pay $11.99 per month for the plans. At the moment, iTop VPN has amazing discounts on its products. You pay $3.99 per month for the 12-month plan, $2.31 for the 24-month package, and $1.66 for the 36-month. The cost translates to 65%, 80%, and 86% discounts, respectively. You should take advantage of this excellent bargain as it lasts.

These are some of the features of iTop VPN that ensure a fulfilling browsing experience. Get this best VPN in UAE and other locations today and start browsing the internet safely.


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