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Every individual is concerned about their family, what they are eating and about their safety. Especially the children who love junk food. It is really necessary for them to have a balanced diet. In today’s world, no parent has the time or energy to be in the kitchen and cook healthy food for their kids. Yumble is a life saver in this case. In Yumble, you will find a meal kit for kids which comes with a subscription. It is widely disliked by young kids, who refuse to consume it. In comparison, Yumble helps to ensure that the meal is always refreshed and ready to eat.

 It is unexpected for most youngsters to dislike the home-cooked meals cooked by their parents for them. When it concerns children, eating out or at an eatery is always more alluring than preparing food for themselves. However, making assumptions from that point of view is bad for health. Parents can always relax knowing that the recipes their children receive from Yumble are as nutritious and tasty as possible. This company’s menu changes frequently, giving parents a variety of options. Your children will enjoy the flavor as well as the health benefits of yumble. 

What is Yumble Exactly ?

Yumble is basically a nutrient rich healthy meal for the childrenn of ages 1-12. The company caters to children by offering a variety of kid-friendly breakfast, snacks, and supper. You will get around six to twelve freshly prepared meals for children in each week’s delivery. For your convenience, sticker sheets and cards are included in the box as well. YUMBLE definitely is making new parents’ lives easy. It is also important to note that the meals can be eaten right away or reheated in 90 seconds or less. All of the dishes prepared at Yumble use only the highest-quality ingredients, including organic produce and meat that is hormone- and antibiotic-free. As a result, menu items in the restaurant are labelled according to the allergy content, which is beneficial to children who have dietary sensitivities or allergies. 

Who Founded Yumble ?


Yumble was founded by Joanna Parker and David. The idea of yumble came to Joanna when she started to prepare meals for her kids everyday. Preparing a child’s meal with all the necessary nutrients can be a hassle. A lot of times, Joanna went with the pre made unhealthy dinner options such as pizza, burger or pasta. In Yumble, it is said that only nutrient dense veggies, cereals, proteins, lipids, herbs and spices are used so that a child can get ll the necessary nutrients for their growth. Yumble serves nutrition dense food to all the age groups but it is mainly prepared for children from twelve months to twelve years.

What is the Net Worth of Yumble ?

When the firm was created in 2017, Millions of selling had been made by that spot, likely to result in a profit of around 1.3 million dollars. Because of the growth it has seen on social networks, the company’s business goal of $5 million has been met. Yumble has quickly now become go-to app for many young moms. Diners generally spend $80 or more per person on their meals. As a result, the company’s revenue and value have both increased. Furthermore, since moving its operations and services on Shark, the company’s earnings have increased. 


1. Is yumble a healthy meal for the children ?

Yes, yumble is a very healthy meal which you can give your kids.

2. From where can you buy yumble ?

Yumble is available on Amazon and a lot of other online shopping platforms or you can also visit their official page.

3. Who founded yumble ? 

Yumble was founded by Joanna Parker and David.


Yumble is a great option for all the new parents out there if you are working and unable to provide your kids with the proper nutrition that they need.