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Mangakakalot: Will There Be A Berserk Manga Continuation?

Manga has long been popular in Japan. Reading Manga has been a part of every Japanese individual. Manga acted as comic books of Japan which hugely helped readers on learning more about Japanese Culture. One of the famous classic manga titles is Berserk. It is a dark fantasy-themed Seinen Manga. It portrays the life of Gut and his comrades. 

In 2021 influential mangaka, Kentarou Miura died. He is the writer of Berserk for 32 years. The greatest question to every reader of Berserk is whether will there be a manga continuation even when the author died. In this article, we will answer all of your questions regarding Berserk and how can you read it using Mangakakalot. Read thoroughly to learn more about the controversial Mangakakalot Berserk.

Japanese Comics, also known as Manga

Before the 20th century, Japanese manga was largely reserved for children and young adults. Today, however, it enjoys a wide following among both children and adults alike. Because of its accessible nature and its ability to transcend cultural barriers, manga has become a popular art form, as well as a popular source of inspiration for artists around the world.

Manga has been popular in Japan for several years, and it’s now one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the country. Today, manga is read by people around the world, and it continues to grow in popularity. Manga books are comic books from Japan. They are also known as Japanese Comics as it is heavily influenced by Japanese lore. Manga has a variety of genres, themes, and demographics incorporated into one book. They are also known as Japanese Graphics novels. Its famous demographics are Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei, and Kodomomuke.


Berserk is a Seinen Manga written by Kentarou Miura and illustrated by Studio Gaga. It was published in the year 1989 and is still ongoing. After 32 years Kentarou Miura, the writer of the manga series, died. Several issues surrounded the manga series such as not having an ending the series.

Guts, a knight in black armor with a large weapon the size of a steel beam, is followed by Berserk. The past of Guts is a dark and traumatizing story. The opening chapter portrays him as a guy who only feels like living when he is murdering the demons that haunt him each night. He is furious and ruthless. That’s not the case, though. More information about Guts’ personality and upbringing is uncovered when the plot enters the Golden Age storyline. Protagonists were always the genuine heart of Berserk, particularly Guts, Griffith, and Casca. These three are imperfect individuals who are capable of tremendous truly outstanding harm. They are motivated by their objectives yet are hasty enough to lose track of them.


Mangakakalot is a free manga reading platform online that has no application and is accessible to any user. It is available in any country. It has a variety of genres and categories to offer to readers from all around the world. Mangakakalot is an online reading platform that requires no account creation. It has a variety of features that are accessible to users that can help on giving users a better reading experience.

Creating an account on Mangakakalot will allow you to save your reading progress, bookmark manga books, view your reading history, and more. If you are a daily reader then creating an account will be the best choice that will cut your hassle. The platform has a healthy community of readers that help one another. Reviews of manga books allow readers to socialize with others by sharing thoughts about the manga. Ratings are a great help to authors as they will allow them to know better. Ratings play a huge part in the ranking of categories and popularity. Platforms similar to Mangakakalot are Manganelo, Toonily, Mangabuddy, NovelUpdates, and Mangaowl. Finding the best platform for reading your favorite manga titles is important as it affects your reading experience.

Reasons Behind Berserk’s Popularity

Berserk, a long-running manga series, has been popular among millions of manga readers. It also had its anime series adaptation that is still ongoing similar to its manga. Some enthusiasts are so curious about the popularity of this manga title. Here is the list of reasons why Mangakakalot Berserk is very popular among readers even with its genre of dark fantasy seinen.

  • Guts Are Like A True Warrior In Some Aspects.  By coincidence, Guts resembles Gottfried “Götz” of Berlichingen, a German soldier from the 16th century, in some significant ways. Both have a virtually similar identity, are aggressive, battle in a mercenary band, have self-inflicted arm loss, and have a metal arm prosthesis.
  • It is Almost All Completed. According to Miura, Berserk is nearing its completion and the plot is hurtling toward a catastrophic, long-awaited conclusion. Each episode that is published is a step closer to the conclusion since the plot has so many potential twists and turns.
  • Over Hundreds of Illustrations of Eye-Popping. Between chapters 1 to 347 of Berserk, there are about 114 occurrences of eye-popping. With a whopping 14 occasions, Volume 30 had the most. The fact that anyone produced a complete list of all of The Black Swordsman’s murders, involving man, goblin, spirit, and even quasi-apostles, is yet another fantastic detail from such a thread on Reddit.
  • It Has a Major Impact on Other Things Online. A plethora of works has been impacted by Berserk, which made the loner with a massive sword motif very prominent. In manga and anime like Bleach, Naruto, Ruroni Kenshin, Fairy Tail, Inuyasha, Shaman King, and many more, it appears repeatedly. Knight Artorias from Dark Souls is one of the main examples of how video games from the Dark Souls series were greatly influenced by Berserk. In addition, Hidetaka Miyazaki, the designer of Dark Souls, has acknowledged in several appearances how he has grown fond of Berserk.
  • The Hawks Are Characterized Following Miura’s University Friends. The Band of the Hawk mainly inspired Miura’s university buddies, with the exclusion of Griffith, Guts, and Casca. Miura also claimed he had one companion who personified Rickert, one for Judeau, one for Corkus, and one friend who operated as chief, with characteristics of both Guts and Griffith. The most resembling Pippin, according to Miura, is Pippin.

Will there be a Manga Continuation for Berserk?

Enthusiasts of Berserk cannot sleep properly as long they can’t have an answer to their questions regarding the continuation of Mangakakalot Berserk. Some new readers are hesitant on starting the manga series as the possibility of it not having an ending arises. In the context of Berserk, a compelling narrative, compelling characters, and a distinctive setting combine to create 32 years length of manga that is well worth reading, with or without a conclusion.

The good news is that Hakusensha released a statement about the manga series continuing with the help of Kentarou’s friends and the art pieces that he left. The ending of the story will be all according to how Kentaru planned it when he was still alive. The author already planned how the manga will end and even though the illustrators won’t be able to have Kentaru’s opinion about the illustration, they promised to do their best to create it according to his will.

Why Should I Choose to Read Berserk over Watching It?

There’s no doubt that the Berserk manga is just on a level within itself, even though the Berserk anime is fantastic in its way. The following widely mentioned points support the consensus that people would prefer comic books over animation.

  • The Manga’s Artwork Is Unrivaled of its Kind. The dedication on practically every page of Berserk is a piece of art, and these pieces of art must be seen to be appreciated. It’s understandable why Miura used to take so long to publish each chapter of Berserk since each panel had artistry that was nothing less than breathtaking, and creating such pictures would need a huge amount of time.
  • The Legendary Scenes from Berserk are Finer in the Manga. There are too many spectacular events in Berserk to name them all, from the atrocities of the Eclipse to Guts wearing the famed Berserker Armor. The manga, on the other hand, is an excellent medium for witnessing these occurrences, if there is anything that can be asserted with clearness.
  • It’s Fascinating to Watch Kentarou Miura Develop as an Artist. Long-time Berserk fans will find Miura’s artistic development throughout the series to be extremely great and breathtaking. The evolving graphics of Kentarou Miura will undoubtedly be helpful to anyone who wants to get into Berserk.

Tutorial to Reading Berserk Using Mangakakalot

It’s extremely easy to read manga books using Mangakakalot. The platform is very convenient to use. By following these 3 easy steps you can read Mangakakalot Berserk Manga immediately and easily.

  1. Open Mangakakalot: Using any browser search for Mangakakalot. Make sure to connect your device to an internet connection. You can use any device available to you.
  2. Search for Berserk: Using the search bar enter Berserk. You can filter the results to get the exact manga title that you want to read.
  3. Start Reading: Tap the manga title of the manga to view the cover, summary, genre, author, theme, demographics, and chapters below the summary. Tap the chapter to start reading. Leave a review and rate the manga after reading it.


Berserk is an ongoing seinen manga influential to readers from all around the world. The manga series depicts very inspiring lessons that readers of any age can use along the way. Reading Mangakakalot Berserk is the best way to keep updated with its current chapters for free. We hope this article answered your questions about this controversial manga book.

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