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XResolver What is it and How to Blacklist Xbox

Are you searching on the Internet about XResolver and want to know how it can affect your IP address? If yes, then you come to the right webpage. There is so much confusion about XResolve among the users that we will clear in this article.

What is XResolver?

XResolver is an online IP address and Gamertag resolver portal for Xbox and Playstation users. This website is easily operatable with every type of device and gaming console.

We often join online gaming sessions on public websites, but we are unaware that our IP may be visible to other users. There is a high possibility of targeting your IP address with the DDoS attack by the spammers.

XResolve has a huge database of registered users that keep exploring the features of the website. This website offers both premium and free services to users, and it will depend upon your subscription with tools you can use.

Features of xResolver

xResolver is an IP geolocation tool that provides users with accurate and up-to-date information on the location of an IP address. Some of the key features of xResolver are:

Simple and easy-to-use interface

xResolver has a user-friendly interface designed to make it easy for users to obtain location information with a few clicks. Users don’t need any technical knowledge to use xResolver.

The user interface comprises of a search box where users can input the IP address, domain name or username they want to locate. The tool also provides customers with the option to choose the number of search results they want to display on the screen at once.

Accurate geolocation data

xResolver ensures accuracy in its geolocation data by continually updating its databases. Most of the data provided comes from reliable toolsets, which provides accurate and reliable information. Also, the team works hard to ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Comprehensive database

xResolver has an extensive and regularly updated database of IP addresses and their corresponding physical locations. The high volume of data means that the tool can provide detailed information on each IP address location. The xResolver data is confidential, and its information is only used for the purposes intended.

Multiple search options

xResolver offers various search options, including searching by IP address, domain name, or username. Users can locate the IP geolocation information they need quickly and efficiently through whichever search option they prefer.

Customizable settings

xResolver provides users with the flexibility to customize their search preferences. Users can select the number of search results to display, the language of the results, among a list of other customizable settings.

API Access

Developers can benefit from xResolver’s API access. The API enables the integration of IP geolocation search functionality directly into their applications or websites. They are not required to access the xResolver website; the search function is integrated directly into their app/site.

In conclusion, xResolver is a multifaceted IP geolocation tool that offers users accurate and up-to-date geolocation data in a user-friendly interface. Its extensive and customizable search options, combined with reliable data sources, provide a vital resource to developers and businesses alike.

How to Remove and Blacklist Xbox in XResolver?

All the information available on this website can be publicly accessible, which increases the chance of attacks while playing in online events.

If you find your original IP address in the database of XResolver Blacklist, then remove it from the website to avoid spamming. One of the best things that users love about XResolver Xbox Blacklist is that it perfectly works on XResolver PS5, Microsoft, PS4, XResolve Roblox. It is easy to connect Xbox with PCs using HDMI input ports.


There are multiple ways to Blacklist yourself in the Xresolve, and yes, you don’t need to spend a single penny for it.

  • Always use a premium Vpn while connecting to the remote server that will help you to hide your original IP address.
  • Don’t expose your IP in the online public gaming websites.
  • Avoid visiting unknown gaming websites and don’t play with users who seem suspicious from the start.
  • Keep altering your IP with the uses of multiple virtual servers and proxies.
  • Take help of internet service provider for switching the IP address (only for static IP users).

How to use XResolver for Boot?

The main purpose of using Xresolver for most users is to boot the IP address, but they are confused with the exact process. So follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you must have a booter installed on your device.
  • Now, open it and put the desired IP address that you want to boot.
  • In the next step, you have to select the time period of avoiding disturbance from the other users.
  • Then, open the Ddos tab available on the booster.
  • After completing all the steps, you will get a confirmation message of a successful IP address boosting.

Note: If you get any error between the process, then restart the booter and follow the steps from the start.

XResolver Massive Update Video Tutorial

xResolver Use

Here is a more detailed look at what xResolver does:

IP Address Resolution

The primary function of xResolver is to determine the physical location of an IP address. When you provide an IP address to the tool, xResolver queries its databases to identify the location of the IP address. This can be accomplished through a single search query in just seconds.

Geolocation Information

xResolver provides an extensive range of information along with the physical location of an IP address, including the city and country of the IP address. Additionally, the tool can display information such as ISP, organization, and service provider, which can be useful in further pinpointing the location.


The geolocation data provided by xResolver is updated regularly to ensure accuracy. The tool collects data from multiple sources and applies a weighted algorithm to provide the most precise location information possible.

Customizable Settings

xResolver provides users with customization options to configure their search preferences. This includes the display language and the number of search results to display on the screen.

API Access

Developers can integrate xResolver’s IP geolocation search functionality into their applications and websites using the xResolver API. This enables them to obtain and display IP location data to their users without having to use the xResolver website.

In conclusion, xResolver is a tool that can be used to obtain the geographic location of an IP address. The tool is reliable and provides accurate information in real-time. Developers can use the xResolver API to integrate IP geolocation search functionality into their applications and websites.


I hope you get all information about XResolver and find the answer of how to Blacklist Xbox. You can use the website premium tools to look up all the data of different IPs at the same time. Keep exploring the XResolve database to keep track of your Ip address in the blacklist.

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