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Understanding In-Country Number Testing

In-Country Number Testing

In today’s world, individuals have access to products and services from across the world. This leads to greater variety and more competitive pricing and offerings for customers, along with more opportunities for businesses to enter new markets. However, organizations also face a number of additional challenges due to the global nature of modern business. This includes the need for in-country number testing.

Why do you need to test your numbers globally?

To engage with your customers who live around the world, your agents need to be able to deliver flawless customer experiences irrespective of location. Typically to assess the true quality of your toll-free numbers or IVRs, test calls need to be made locally / from in-country. This requires you to have teams in each and every country you support. If you don’t have the resources to meet that requirement, you will be unable to test connection rates, voice quality, customer experience, and IVRs for international calls. 

However, in-country number testing can alleviate this issue and allows you to test your global numbers from anywhere in the world. In-country testing utilizes the real network paths that your customers’ calls are transiting through. 

Platforms like Cyara use servers physically located within the country to allow you to do this. They provide phone number testing tools to monitor and test your connectivity and audio quality across your global network, right down to the contact center level. Replicating your customers’ experience, the platform dials in on the numbers, and any kind of customer-impacting issue detected is immediately flagged to you.

Typically, standard monitoring tools are designed to monitor your internal network only, so they won’t alert you to issues occurring on your external network. This includes any toll-free number outages, post-dial delay (PDD) problems, incorrect carrier routing, and touch-tone (DTMF) failures. 

The importance of call quality

Voice channels continue to be the primary contact method for customers especially when it comes to high-stakes decisions or high-revenue purchases. The quality of their experience when they call your business will strongly influence their perception of your brand. High-quality customer experiences are critical as good conversations will help to drive your business growth. 

Contact numbers tend to support sales or problem rectification, so when they are “down” your business will be dramatically impacted – it may lose out on revenue generation opportunities, but a poor customer experience may also lead to reductions in brand reputation and the loss of existing customers.

In-country number testing allows you to replicate the experience of your customer when dialing toll and toll-free numbers. The tests identify and alert you to any problems that occur immediately. This proactive monitoring of your global contact numbers allows you to isolate the issues, and quickly resolve them before there’s a major impact on your customer engagement and your brand reputation.

The benefits of in-country number testing

In-country number testing allows you to monitor the performance of your entire telecommunications infrastructure and benchmark your performance. It helps to protect your brand and your customer experience by allowing for prompt responses to issues affecting your global contact numbers. 

You can pinpoint any failures, identify trends, and share information using detailed call logs. Proactive monitoring of your number performance also allows you to better manage your carriers and ensure a consistently high-quality service, as well as adherence to their service level agreements.

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Proactive testing and monitoring of your telecommunications networks ensure that the experience of your customers when contacting your organization is optimal. It is essential that these tests are conducted using in-country infrastructure as many numbers, for example, toll-free numbers can only be dialed from within the target country.

Cyara revolutionizes the way businesses transform and optimize their customer experiences. Cyara’s AI-based CX Transformation Platform empowers enterprises to deliver flawless interactions across voice, video, digital, and chatbot experiences. With Cyara, businesses improve customer journeys through continuous innovation while reducing costs and minimizing risk. With a 96% customer retention rate and world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS), today’s leading global brands trust Cyara every day to deliver customer smiles at scale.

To learn more, visit or call 1-888-GO-CYARA.

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