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Why You Need to Localize Your Mobile Apps   

In this era of globalization, you can not find anyone without a smartphone. Once smartphones were considered a luxury, they have become part and parcel of everyone’s life. With smartphones, many tasks that used to take a lot of time are completed in seconds with just one click. People can pay their bills and shop online through their smartphones. You must be wondering how? Well, with the help of mobile apps. People can use apps effectively if they are tailored to their regional and cultural nuances. Here is where mobile app localization services come in. 

Why go for  Mobile App for Your Business?

Do you know that approximately 6.37 billion people around the world are using smartphones, and these people spend 90% of their time on mobile apps? Thus, the demand for mobile apps is increasing day by day. If you look at the statistics, people’s downloads were 230 billion in 2021, and they exponentially rose to 142.6 billion in 2022. These statistics show that mobile applications are one of the best tools for interacting with potential customers. This is the reason that organizations are going for mobile apps to entice customers so that they can buy their products and services.

The age of digitalization has certainly increased the need for different types of software and apps for everyone. Here, it is important to note that this increase in demand is also adding to the significance of software translation services to provide users with a better, more localized, and seamless experience. 

Benefits of Mobile App Localization 

Many businesses have moved from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce. For this purpose, they have developed websites for their businesses. Furthermore, they have integrated websites with mobile apps so that people can buy products and services from websites regardless of location. 

Now that the significance of mobile apps is clear, let’s take a quick look at the major benefits of localizing your applications. 

Online Presence leads to Better accessibility

Initially, mobile apps were not popular. People used PCs and laptops to browse websites, but now, with the emergence of mobile apps, businesses can show their presence everywhere on different devices. Do you know that, on average, people spend 5-6 hours daily on their smartphones? During this time, they come across many apps. People unconsciously record the images and text that they come across while scrolling.

 If your app is frequently in front of them, then they can remember your brand name. Your digital presence makes your business visible, and people opt to use your brand as they find it easily accessible. On the contrary, if your competitors are using mobile apps, and you aren’t, chances are, you will lag behind. Thus, to beat your competition and to meet your audience’s expectations, mobile apps can be really helpful.  

Ease of Online Shopping 

Digitalization has made people’s demands very flexible. People can select and order products and services at any time from mobile apps. Therefore, you must develop a mobile app for your business so that people can easily shop. The trend toward online shopping started in the early 2010s. Before this time, people were hesitant to shop online. The localized apps have removed their hesitation, and they now prefer shopping through apps. 

Customer Relationship Monitoring

For a successful business venture, business owners must understand their customers’ preferences. For this reason, they conduct business surveys to understand customer relationships. They also collect information from mobile apps. For instance, SMBs can monitor how often customers use the apps and get their feedback. This information further helps companies develop and maintain good customer relationships. 

In short, mobile applications are a good source for getting valuable insights regarding customer behavior.

Enhancing the Customer Engagement 

The foremost benefit of mobile apps is that you can access them anywhere and target your potential customers. No third person is involved in it. It is your direct interaction with the company. If the mobile app is easy to navigate and is localized according to customers buying preferences, then the customer gets to engage with your business. 

If you integrate other social channels with the mobile app, it can show your presence on digital channels, and people will get more engaged with your products and services. Also, happy customers may promote your products and services in the community, which gives you an added benefit.


A mobile app with a user-friendly interface and localized content provides an excellent user experience. People who find your app reliable and easy to navigate will prefer to use it over other available options. Thus, if you want to leverage the above-stated benefits, you must hire a translation company

They give your localization project to translators who have prior experience handling such projects. The benefits of mobile app localization are worth more than the cost of mobile app localization. So, are you ready? 

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