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Why Are Multi Services Gojek Clone Apps Getting More Boost in Recent Times?

gojek clone

The world is running towards advancement at a pacing speed. In some time, it will be difficult for any offline business to survive because people are preferring online and on-demand services to traditional ones. Witnessing the recent boost in on-demand multi-service apps it is evident that the Gojek Clone App will be the future! 

Let’s explore some evident reasons behind the rising demand for multi-service apps. 

gojek clone

Reasons Behind the Boost of Multi-Service Apps 

Multi-service apps like Gojek Clone showcase numerous advantages like cost comparison, accuracy, timely delivery, and more.  


People find using apps that provide them with convenience like booking multiple services on their smartphones, getting real-time updates, tracking the order, and so on. Gone are the days when people found hopping from store to store a mere ‘get away’ from their routines. 

Today, everyone wants the convenience of sitting at home and getting things done! That is why they are turning to apps like Gojek because it allows them to book multiple services at their fingertips. 

Access to Nearby Services 

Back in the day, it was hard to get an appointment with a well-known doctor or even look for nearby services. 

However, the Gojek Clone App simplifies everything. People can now find a nearby service by setting the proximity filter. The app will then display the service provider who is near the preferred area and can reach the address within minutes for quick assistance. 

Cost Comparison 

Let’s go to the flashback where people used to manually call or visit the stores to ask for quotations for handyman services. Some even used to go after their friend’s recommendations to get a medical checkup on budget. 

With the Gojek Clone app, it has become easier to just sit at home and compare the prices of different providers before hiring them. After selecting the category and sub-category of the service, the app lists down available providers and an entire menu with costs. 

Therefore, customers can choose a suitable option, add it to the cart, and finally book it!  

Quick and Secure Payments 

The Gojek Clone App allows app users to make easy and secure payments. They can choose to pay online via in-app wallet balance or even credit cards. Before making a payment, user can check their wallet balance. If needed, they can top up the balance and then pay. 

If the user selects to pay via credit card, they can add the card details and pay from it or even choose an existing one to move further. 

Also, users can choose the pay-in-cash option as well if they want. 

Easy Feedback 

Feedback is one of the most important things when it comes to running a service-based business. Well, the Gojek-like app takes off the burden of manual feedback collection. 

As soon as the user makes the payment after the service ends, the feedback section pops up! In this section, they can give the rating and review to the service or provider. Thus, based on the provided feedback, the app admin will consider action and assure improvement! 

Features That Make This App a Must-have!

Consider the advanced features as one of the most important players for boosting the popularity of the Gojek Clone App. These features are the real problem solvers and thus, integrating them into your app will be profitable. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are the real attraction for any app. They do the work of catching the attention and communicating the message directly to the customers. One can use the in-app push notifications to communicate about the new launch, discounts, sales, and so on. 

Live Order Tracking 

Users can track their orders or driver on the map of the app. The map shows the real-time location of the driver. 

This enables the users to know where their order is and how much time it will take to reach the destination. 

In-app Calling and Messaging 

The app must have the facility of in-app calling and messaging because it will help maintain the privacy of the user and provider. Moreover, it will enable calling over the internet and save the charges by telecom providers. 

In Conclusion: 

Launch the Gojek Clone App if you want to leverage this boost in the market and make profits out of it. Grab this business opportunity and start making huge money with every service booking! 

Get more details about this app and the cost of your Gojek Clone Script package from the Sales Representatives!

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