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Where is the Frame Number of a Mountain Bike?

The rahmennummer fahrrad corresponds to a personal identification number, which corresponds to the production batch number. This number is inseparable from the start when buying a car and can be guaranteed nationwide and guaranteed by the frame number in the shop. If the frame number is polished or unclear, it proves that the quality of the car is very poor, so you must be optimistic when buying.

There are certain rules for the frame number. The general rules are: Invalid characters are O, Q, I, 0; Z in word line is not allowed in chronological position. The ninth digit can only be a number from 0-9. It can also be a capital X; all four digits after that are numbers, not letters.

Each mountain bike has a unique frame number, which you can obtain from:

1. There is a steel stamp of the frame number under the bottom bracket of the frame, which in turn can be seen from the car.

2, the maintenance policy also has the frame number.

3. At the junction of the horizontal pipe and the riser of the frame there is a two-dimensional code that can be scanned to find out the frame number.

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