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What is The Process Of Preparing Financial Statements by a Bookkeeper?

Financial Statements

What you don’t track can’t be measured. Especially when it comes to business financing. And if you have no idea about the financial situation of your business? You can’t get better. This is the function of financial reporting. With financial reporting, you can check how you are using your resources and how you can manage your cash flow. If you don’t know how to prepare these financial statements, you can get help from a bookkeeper in Melbourne. This can help you better gauge your business performance. Making the Right Decision and Reducing Financial Risk In today’s blog we will talk about how a bookkeeper can help you prepare your financial statements.

Importance of financial reporting in the business.

Financial statements are important documents that must be prepared to forecast future income and expenses. Useful to help business owners who are dealing with some investment. A financial statement consists of three elements: an income statement, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. These reports are important for attracting investors, collecting taxes, taking loans, and making important business decisions. Here’s how a bookkeeper prepares financial statements for you. There is a lot of bookkeeping in Melbourne. If you don’t have a bookkeeper, you can hire an excellent bookkeeper.

Balance Sheet

A balance sheet shows the value of assets and liabilities over a specific period of time. bookkeepers are responsible for preparing monthly, quarterly, or annual budgets depending on the needs and volume of the business.

How do you balance?

When preparing this document, bookkeepers need details of transactions such as bills and invoices. Covered by assets, liabilities, and equity. Assets on the balance sheet are further classified as current and non-current assets. Similarly, liabilities are also classified as current liabilities. which must be repaid in the same year and long-term liabilities must be repaid over several years.

As a business owner, you can use this document to determine the business’s net worth and capital needs. Melbourne bookkeepers use this document to calculate the financial ratios needed to confirm the financial stability of a business.

Income Statement

Using an income statement, you can check the details of expenses and income for a specific period. This document is usually submitted by bookkeepers on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to determine the performance of the business. This document usually includes income, expenses, net income, operating income, gross profit, selling expenses, etc.

Profit and loss statements – how do you prepare them?

A bookkeeper prepares a profit and loss statement by calculating the company’s revenue and cost of sales. It also includes the amount used to manufacture and sell the product. Subtract the cost of goods sold from revenue to determine gross margin. Next, all operating expenses must be examined. And by subtracting operating expenses from total revenue to get total revenue, the next step is to calculate business taxes, potential wages, and interest on the debt. Then taxes and interest are not included in total income, so you get net income from the company. These financial statements help Melbourne withholding agents prepare and file tax returns.

On cash flow

As mentioned in the title, the statement of cash flows shows the inflows and outflows of cash for a specific period of time. With a cash flow statement, you will have a final budget that will help you analyze the financial situation of your business and make an informed decision.

How do you prepare a cash flow statement?

First, the bookkeeper checks the opening balance or current cash from the income statement. The next step for the small business bookkeeper is to review the cash flow generated by the investment. Business transactions and financing activities When calculating the cash received from various activities, the bookkeeper examines the cash at the end of the reporting period. A cash flow statement tells you about the money a business receives and spends.


Every company should prepare financial statements as this data can help companies to know their financial condition. It also helps during tax season, as you can hire a trusted bookkeeper for the job. You can also contact a trusted bookkeeping service provider.