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5 reasons to start Video Marketing Strategy For Your Business

Videos are gaining tremendous popularity on the World Wide Web. If we refer to statistics, 6 out of 10 people choose to watch videos online from their computer or phone. Today, finding a solution to a problem or an answer to a question over the Internet is much easier. It is the video that plays a significant role in the purchasing decision. Video marketing is an effective way to reach different types of customers. In general, it can fundamentally change the perception of doing business.

What are the benefits of video marketing?

What a business can get by taking advantage of video marketing:

  1. Increasing the SEO indicators of the site – if there is good video content, you can optimize it with special SEO headings and descriptions to increase the ranking of the web resource in the search engine results. In addition, it can help to get a new audience.
  2. Market segmentation – the first point flows seamlessly into this one. Segmentation itself is a significant criterion for any promotion, but if you do not analyze it, there will be no success. It is allowed to post videos on any social network. It can involve a lot more people than initially planned. Videos appeal to everyone; therefore, you need to develop content that will interest every market segment.
  3. The opportunity to communicate with your audience is significant when your business is just starting. Video marketing can become an effective tool to help you acquire positively-minded customers. It’s worth realizing that video marketing works better when people are relaxing, such as at home. People are relieved in a calm and comfortable environment and, therefore, perceive the video’s advertising more effectively. The quality of editing is also important.
  4. Increasing trust in the brand – video evokes more emotions in clients than text. Two channels of perception are involved – auditory and visual. So, it is much easier to build open and trustful communication with the client.
  5. Separation from competitors – you can tell potential customers about the company’s benefits, services, and goods with the help of video so that it would come out most convincingly and effectively. At the same time, competitors will use other, less effective ways.

In summary, video marketing is a revolution. The number of views on YouTube is increasing 100% every year, and the audience is also expanding. According to research, about 90% of people go to watch videos on their smartphones first before deciding whether or not to buy. Brands that chose this path of development are now making much larger profits.

What are the trends in 2023?

Video is now one of the most popular advertising formats. Thanks to it, you can inform about the product, establish contact with the consumer, and increase loyalty. Video advertising will only continue to evolve and attract more attention, so the leading video marketing trends 2023 will be related to improving quality and technology with increased personalization.

To connect with your audience in real time, you should use a method like Livestreaming. It allows you to stimulate engagement and create a sense of community. Live video is always perceived better – an authentic and engaging way to entice new users and make the brand recognizable. It’s also worth trying streaming services, VR and AR, which help equip video ads with virtual and augmented reality. This way, you can really get a response from users and be on the same wavelength with them. And, of course, social networks continue to contribute significantly to video advertising distribution.

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