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What Features Should Your Web Host Provider Offer?


While you look for the most appropriate web hosting plans for your website, it is equally significant for you to purchase it from the right web hosting provider. This is because under the right web hosting provider only you can the best usage of your purchased web hosting solution for successfully hosting your website. So, via this guide, you will get insights into the beneficial features that you must seek in order to partner with the best web host. But before you get any further details about the same, let us highlight the role of the web hosting provider in brief.

Who is a Web Hosting Provider?

A web hosting provider is also known as a web host that renders technologies as well as services required for making a web page or website accessible as well as available on the Internet. Under a hosting provider, you store & host your website on particular computers called web hosting servers. When anyone on the Internet attempts to access your website, a request is sent to your web hosting server and the user gets access to your website after your server permits. Further, a web hosting server is also responsible for offering many other web hosting solutions & facilities that enable you to successfully grow your website and accommodate your end customers.

Which Extra Features Should a Hosting Provider Offer?

1 ADD On domain and subdomain

With an experienced web host provider, you can obtain multiple domains and additional subdomains with the web hosting plan or package. The add-on domains & subdomains help you meet the advancing necessities of your online business or website. Also, you can keep a track of them with the help of your control panel.

2 email accounts

With the best web hosting services, the right web host always offers professional and branded email account(s) that you can link to your website. This helps you draw your potential audience in an authentic & reliable manner. So, you must ask the hosting provider you are seeking about how many email accounts you are being provided with a web hosting plan. Also, you can inspect whether you can get a web interface so that you may integrate with Google Apps POP or IMAP.

3 customer support

Without any doubt, you must attain robust customer support from your web host provider. The top-leading & most dependable web hosts always take care to provide 24/7/365 customer assistance with all the web hosting plans. Also, they offer support through a team of specialized & experienced experts who can give the most promising as well as prompt solutions to every query & server issue of the customers or clients. This helps you avoid unnecessary downtime, interrupted performance, and unwanted operations while hosting your website.

4 website builder

If you are not a trained website designer or developer, you must acquire the website builder with the needed web hosting plan or package.  A website builder enables you to quickly construct an appealing website without requiring any expertise.

5 free AdWords

Some web hosting providers even help you boost the traffic volume of your website by providing Google Adwords credits. This can enable you to kick-start your website hosting or rapidly grow your website in the right direction.

6 daily backups

Your web host provider must offer automated data backup services with the required web hosting solution. There are situations when you just can not prevent your website files or data from getting harmed. This can happen due to human error, natural disasters, or cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is always wise to periodically take and maintain data backups of your website files. With data backups, you can acquire the assurance of complete data protection against all security threats.

7 free domain

When you begin to build your website, you will face the requirement of signing up for the best web hosting services & registering a domain name. You can inspect which reliable web hosting provider can let you have domain name registration incorporated with your web hosting plan. Also, there are some web hosts who provide you with a free domain name for as long as you host your website under their services.

8 SSL certificate

The web hosting solutions you receive from any web host must incorporate an SSL certificate for your website. The SSL certificate enables you to assure encrypted data exchange between your web hosting server and Internet users. This further secures your and your website’s users’ personal sensitive data like credit card details, contact information, email addresses, etc. At the same time, letting your website own an SSL certificate makes the search engine optimization of your website much better.


As cited in this guide, it is important to purchase the required web hosting services from the right web hosting provider. You must seek a web host that offers the excellent and Cheap web hosting features discussed in the previous segment. This enables you to host & grow your website efficiently without any halt. Further, here we can confidently suggest you reach out to Hostbillo web hosting company.

Hostbillo is a world-class web host that offers the diverse best web hosting plans with cutting-edge hosting features at the most affordable pricing. At the same time, the company also offers exceptional customer service support via proficient experts. It is well renowned for accommodating all the hosting demands & necessities of website owners across the globe. Check out right away the official as well as an informational site of Hostbillo website hosting company to gain more insightful details regarding best-in-class web hosting services cost & facilities.

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