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What exactly does an SEO company do?

SEO company

The purpose of SEO, a subset of marketing, is to improve visibility in natural search engine results. The objective is to improve user journeys through websites to increase the possibility that they will convert, as well as visibility in searches across devices and audiences.An SEO agency is essentially an outside corporation that performs the following tasks for your company.

Get in touch with you

An SEO agencies should try to learn everything there is to know about your company during the on-boarding phase. Your objectives, your resources, your current campaigns; any prior SEO work you’ve had done, either internally or externally; the particular difficulties you’re having; and the knowledge gaps you have.

Check the webpage.

Examining your site’s current performance and looking for potential improvement areas is a vital stage in the onboarding process. A thorough assessment lays the foundation for a successful, ongoing SEO campaign.

Outline your goals.

An firm will develop an SEO plan with aims to accomplish your objectives using the knowledge and insights gathered from the aforementioned phases. Depending on the scope and particular aims, this will detail planned activities in any or all of the following areas.

Conduct a keyword search

SEO relies heavily on keywords, and effective keyword research can make or break a plan. You can optimise your messaging and raise your chances of turning up in the right searches by understanding how actual people search for products and services.

Boost current content

This entails editing site copy to make it SEO-friendly, including page copy, blog content, and other site copy. Historically, this meant putting more keywords into the material; today, it means making it more user-focused, organic, and query-driven.

Improve the site’s architecture

The content of a website should be as close to the homepage as possible and should be easily navigable. Websites created over time by non-experts frequently end up being a bit of a muddle, so an SEO business will assess the structure of your site and offer suggestions for improvements.

Make fresh content

This comprises content for both internal and external websites, such as service pages, information pages, blog entries, etc (guest posts, articles, thought leadership pieces). It depends on your goals and which actions are most effective for accomplishing them as to how much weight different industry voices give to outreach-based content efforts like guest posting.

Create links

Despite occasionally receiving a bad rap for a number of reasons, link building is still an essential part of a successful SEO strategy. A company that specialises in SEO can identify opportunities to obtain links from websites in your industry, reliable directories, and several other places. The aim is to drive traffic from these sources by ensuring the link relates to information that will be useful to the reader.


For both of the aforementioned strategies to be effective, active outreach is required. In order to establish links to the target website or publication, promotion of the developed material and possibly its hosting on external websites are required.

Monitor outcomes

To be successful, SEO requires ongoing attention. Google continually updates its algorithms, competitors change positions in the rankings based on their marketing activities, and your company will produce collateral that needs to be optimised and included in your overall SEO plan.