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What Can Be Included with a Virtual Office in London?

Are you looking to improve your company’s appearance? Changing your registered business address is a good way to impress customers and give you privacy if you are operating from home. In particular, selecting a location like London means that you can benefit from the prestige of the capital city.

The best way to acquire a London business address is to use a virtual office in the city. This gives you the address you want in an area that is impressive. But what else can be included with a virtual office? Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect.

Look at the Packages

First of all, when you are starting your virtual office journey, it is important to realise what you are shopping for. Most of the time, companies will offer different packages concerning their virtual office. So, you can acquire more than just a business address in London. 

It is important to check out the different packages. Of course, there are going to be varying prices and other benefits you can enjoy. Knowing your options allows you to make the best choice. For example, you can check out the packages offered by W1 Virtual Office. They can give you a virtual office based in London, as well as other advantages. This can include mail forwarding, meeting rooms and even scan-to-email services.

What Can Be Included

There is a range of different things that can be included with a virtual office. Let’s take a closer look in detail at what you can take advantage of.

Registered Business Address

Of course, you are going to receive a registered business address when you get a virtual office. This allows you to have a professional address for your company, which can be somewhere prestigious in London. This is opposed to using your home address and having no privacy when it comes to your business.

Mail Collection

Would you like somewhere professional to collect your mail from? Well, this is something that can happen in a virtual office. The team are able to collect all of your mail and arrange it so that you can pick it up at a time that suits you. In addition, this can include parcels, and someone can get them on your behalf. If you have a busy schedule and are never home to receive them, this is going to be a beneficial service for you.

Mail Forwarding

Another benefit that can be included with a virtual office is mail forwarding. This is a service that involves receiving your mail and then forwarding it to a location of your choice. For example, you can have official business correspondence sent to the virtual office. Then, it can be forwarded to your home. Your location can remain private from customers. It also makes your life a lot easier since you do not have to pick up the mail. You can receive everything in a timely manner.

Scan to Email

There are going to be some circumstances when you are waiting on important mail. You may be worried that you will not receive it until days later if a virtual office is taking it for you. However, this is not true. When you get a virtual office, this can often include scan to email. This is a service that will allow the team to scan the letter or document on the same day it is received, and you are able to get it quickly.

Director’s Service Address

If you are a director of a company, you are going to have certain statutory correspondence you receive. For example, this can include letters from HMRC and Companies House. So, you need an office address for them to be sent to. In other words, a director’s services address. This is something that can be included with a virtual office.

Meeting Room

There are some virtual office companies that also include meeting rooms. In other words, you can enjoy a certain amount of hours each month in the meeting rooms with the package you choose. This is going to be a good idea if you are going to be meeting with clients and want a professional space to make this happen. It can even be used for employee meetings and other formal occasions. It allows everything to happen at one address.

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