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How Can I Secure My Rental Property in UK?

House and padlock on digital background symbolize protection and safety for rental property

Securing their rental property should be every homeowner’s first responsibility! As a landlord, it is your greater duty to ensure that the rental property you are renting is safe for your residents as well. If you are at Oldham and have rented a home then search for letting agents Oldham for your home, for its protection and maintenance. 

Naturally, nobody wants to become a victim of burglary. Your tenant will undoubtedly be concerned if their items are taken. You need to be concerned about more than just your tenant’s belongings and safety, though. Any furnishings and other rental property you provide for your tenants to take advantage of could be taken by thieves. Not to mention that burglars might inadvertently cause harm to your possessions, necessitating repairs on your part.

Rental Property Security Is Important:

Regretfully, break-ins are frequent. Every 108 seconds, a burglary occurs in the UK, with an average loss of £3,030. At Total Landlord, we observe that both winter and summer months see an increase in break-ins. When renters are on vacation and the place of residence is unoccupied, or during the months of winter while thieves are taking advantage of the shorter days.

Especially in the lead-up to Christmas because they are searching for gifts to steal, the rental residence is more susceptible to burglaries. But, it’s crucial to keep your rental property safe and take precautions against intruders at all times of the year. We’ll offer our security recommendations in this guide to assist you and the residents of your rental property lower the chances of a break-in or burglary. We’ll go over who pays for damage repairs and how the insurance for landlords can safeguard you.

Put In A Security Camera:

A surveillance camera is the best deterrent against intruders. Installing a doorbell or security camera is a smart approach to deter intruders from viewing your rental property. In this manner, day or night, you and the people living there will always know who is at your front door.

A security camera’s other wonderful features include being simple to install as well as having the ability to record both audio and video. Thus, you are prepared to provide the police with proof in the terrible event that your rental property is broken into. Not to add, this will be very helpful if you ever need to file a claim with the insurance company you have.

Audible Burglar Alarm:

To alert potential burglars that you’re equipped with an intruder alarm system, ensure that the external sounder, often known as the “bell box,” is prominently displayed on your home.


Two-thirds of thieves enter a residence through the front door, compared to one-third who enter through a window. You may easily prevent this from happening by having a professional locksmith install strong locks on your windows and doors. Consider installing safe installation to keep certain items from being taken out of your house in case of a burglary or even a betrayal of confidence committed by somebody you care about.

  • A London bar, letterbox cage, three hinges, two hinge nuts and bolts glass made from laminated material, a dead-locking rim lock, entrance chain and a five-lever mortice deadlock are all required to be installed on your front door.
  • Install double window locks, and reinforced glazing, including laminated glass on windows, particularly the ones with straightforward entry.

Make Your Landscape a Disincentive to Burglars:

Your garden is an important aspect of residential properties security that you should not ignore. Your garden serves as the entrance to your house, whether it is in the front, back, or both. It is best to erect as many barriers as possible to keep robbers from targeting your home. Make your front garden as “noisy” as you can if you have one; a front gate that locks or a gravel path that makes a lot of noise can deter would-be thieves.

A burglar hand on a door symbolizing rental property security importance

Using outside lights with motion sensors is another technique to discourage intruders. These kinds of light bulbs with motion sensors can make a difference, according to research. Additionally, you want to consider maintaining your shrubs and trees well-trimmed. This will make it harder for thieves to hide or use tall trees as a means of breaking into windows.

Install Lights Outside:

It pays to exercise caution because thieves are going to stop at everything to discover possible entry points into your rental property. There are more options for burglars to lurk around your house and figure out a way to get inside if it is in a dark area. As a matter of actuality, 61% of burglaries occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Purchase Automated Timers:

Renters frequently have to rely on you to ensure that your rental property is secure, which makes renting out a house far more difficult to safeguard than owning one. However, void periods—times when the home is unoccupied—make renting out a house much more difficult.

Final Words:

To ensure that your home is secure and protected from intruders and potential theft, provide illumination both inside and outside, use sturdy locks on every single window and door, and establish an alarm.