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What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying mobile classrooms to the school?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying mobile classrooms to the school?

UK schools are over-crowded and it’s important to provide extra space because students deserve a good learning environment. Specialist departments and more spaces are vital for them to have educational experiences.

It’s too bad that schools often have trouble with funding and are unable to improve their facilities. They are often at a disadvantage with the tight regulations around projects and how disruptive it can be for both staff and students. That’s why mobile classrooms are a great alternative to traditional buildings. At Portable Building Sales, we know exactly what a Mobility project entails and how beneficial it can be to your school. We’ve seen your type of school before and would love to give you a hand. Let’s chat!

<h2> What is a mobile classroom?

Mobile classrooms have been designed to look like a traditional school with the goal of adding capacity to existing schools or provide learning spaces in areas without appropriate facilities. These buildings, contrary to the name, are not able to be built and dismantled on-the-go. They’re designed for easy transportation and are perfect for both long-term

Mobile classrooms provide extra space for students and staff at schools. Their portability also means they can be used as temporary teaching facilities if building work is limiting the use of the building. With a few simple steps, you can keep your school open as normal whilst building work is carried out. Mobile classrooms have the same features as a real classroom and heat and air are just one of these. Toilets or kitchens can also be installed to suit the space’s usage while power sockets are fitted in multiple positions to make it easier for everybody.

<h2>What can you use a mobile classroom for

The nametag “classroom” might give you the wrong idea that they are just for traditional classrooms. However, these structures have many different variable uses and can be tailored to your school needs. Here are a few suggestions:

• Classrooms

• Pre-Schools and Nursery

• Out of School Club

• Assembly Halls

• Changing Rooms

• Kitchens or Staff Rooms

The best way to get the benefits of modular and permanent construction is with a modular building.The installation process is faster than traditional builds and they can be reused when you no longer need it.

<h3> Contact Portable Building Sales

If your school or nursery needs more usable or versatile space, you should contact Portable Building Sales. We provide an excellent variety of options that are cost-effective and designed to suit your needs.

There are tons of different portable classroom options available to suit your needs. Our team will be happy to guide you through the different features and requirements. We offer a selection of models and finishes to suit your needs and budget, so you can easily optimize the space in your office. If you’re looking for a temporary, portable solution, contact us today!

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