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As a modular building manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to take care of the environment just as much as we do with our clients. We make sure to optimize each process and give buildings an environmentally friendly construction. As a result, modular construction today is environmentally friendly, high quality, and productive. We will continue to refine our processes and create new technologies as the need arises.

The construction industry is known for its large carbon footprint. So, it’s no surprise that many clients are looking for more environmentally friendly solutions, regardless of whether they need something temporary or permanent. We design and manufacture modules to be assembled on-site and have seen significant growth from clients in the education, housing and manufacturing sectors who are looking for ways to improve their environmental impact.

 Are modular buildings energy efficient?

One of the main advantages of modular buildings is their energy efficiency. By using modern tech and design, these buildings are made to be as eco-friendly as possible. You’ll save yourself money due to how energy efficient they are. Modular buildings are airtight and made of energy-efficient materials to prevent heat loss. As a result, you only use the amount of energy you need. These energy-efficient buildings offer a long term environmentally friendly solution. They reduce in-use carbon emissions for the lifetime of the building, making them an even more sustainable option.

Modular buildings, when produced correctly, can be a much more environmentally-conscious choice for architectural design. One of the many benefits of modular buildings is that they are manufactured in a controlled environment, which means you can better control the energy usage and have a sustainable working environment. This all helps to benefit our planet by using less energy and having a more efficient process.

The main sustainability characteristics of volumetric manufacturing

A sustainable manufacturing process that has been shown to reduce costs and environmental impact. The team was able to build multiple times faster without sacrificing the quality of their product. The expanded production time has also led to a jump in safety and productivity.

Pre-planned modules make the process a lot easier, since the materials required for each module is available in exact amounts. Along with recycling and reusing any surplus materials from older projects, construction waste is noticeably reduced. That’s not the case–to counteract this, manufacturing takes place in a controlled and static setting. This helps to ensure that materials are always at their best.

A modular building doesn’t need to be constructed from the ground up, which not only saves a lot of time and money but also leaves the land open for other projects. Additionally, your unbuilt modules have the potential to generate revenue when sold to investors, who attach their capital with yours and use it as acquisition financing. Furthermore, traditional construction methods could take up to three times longer and require twice the number of staff on-site. This can lead to major expenditure on energy and fuel – meaning there is clearly a need for change. In addition, traditional construction tends to have a much bigger impact on our planet – producing more methane emissions into the atmosphere.

How does sustainability make modular buildings more affordable?

We often think that if something is green it must be expensive. However, modular building design and construction precision allow for considerable savings. Having all the elements of your design critiqued by many people will allow you to have their input and make changes until everyone is satisfied. Using a process that requires all of the agreed upon materials, minimizes waste and hidden manufacturing costs.

Production won’t have to stop just because of delays in materials or weather. Every job for XYZ Construction is given due diligence and completed on-schedule. This guarantees quality construction with no waste or inefficiencies. These factors also provide peace of mind by knowing what deadlines to expect while guaranteeing a cost-effective strategy that is risk free.

Modular buildings are the solution to most construction woes, but there is still room for improvement. Establishing better environmental standards and public awareness would be a solid start.

If you need more information about our sustainability standards, contact us at 01482 890705 or email us at [email protected]. Our headquarters and base of operations are here in Hull, Yorkshire, and we provide sustainable solutions to business across the UK.

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