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Types of Wallets for Men

It is no coincidence that there are men’s wallets of various designs and sizes. And, having so many options can be often confusing.

So, if you don’t know which wallet to choose or give as a gift then here with the help of sites like Menspixel, we have done a detailed review of different types of wallets for men.

  • Wallet Type

It is usually the most used. Its strong points are its compartments for bills and capacity for cards. They range from wallets with capacity from 12 cards to 8. 

They usually incorporate transparent compartments for ID or photos. And, they also come with additional compartments and a removable compartment that is very convenient to show a card or ID.

These wallets can also be called trifold because they have 3 sections that open or close like a foldout. It is recommended for those who need to carry many cards.

  • Simple Wallet

It is a smaller type of wallet. It is suitable for those who do not need to carry many cards or do not like their wallet to become very bulky. 

The capacity of the cards is usually 6 to 8. It is a fairly simple wallet with a book-like shape. And, it also fits perfectly in the pockets of pants and jackets.

It is best for those who need a basic wallet.

  • American Type

Its name is actually given by the Americans. Apparently, Americans needed wallets with large wallets, so that they could hold dollars that were a little longer than other bills. 

For this reason, a type of wallet was designed in which the bill compartment had enough space so that the money would not be folded.

  • Wallet with Purse

This is the perfect accessory if you like to carry the purse built into your wallet. You can find the wallet on the outside or inside. 

When deciding on one option or another, keep in mind that the model that incorporates the external wallet; if you like to carry your wallet in your pocket; It will not be comfortable for you since it is bulky. 

If that is your case, then we recommend an interior wallet. In terms of capacity, they are models that also have many compartments in a horizontal or vertical arrangement depending on the design.

The closures of the purses also matter: you have zipper and hook closures. In addition, these models usually incorporate a clasp closure that is useful for keeping the wallet securely closed.

  • Small Wallet

Small wallets have become fashionable, especially for those who want a wallet that takes up little space. The advantage is their size and the other advantage is that they allow enough capacity for cards. 

The size is smaller than that of wallet-type wallets, but that does not mean they lose functionality. They are highly recommended for those who like to carry a wallet in their pocket and not bulk it out.

  • Card Holders

As their name suggests, they are designed to carry cards, but their use has been democratized, to the point of being used as a wallet. 

They represent the minimum expression and are perfect for those who do not need to carry many cards.


These are some of the types of wallets for men. You may decide to pick one which may suit you and your style the best.

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