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Influence of Anti Social Social Club on the Streetwear Culture

Anti Social Social Club

Our brand is a streetwear brand that offers fashionable clothing for men and women. Anti Social Social Club gained popularity due to its unique designs. Our clothing items are known for their elegant designs and bright colors. We offer a variety of products. The brand released a limited edition, which sold quickly. All clothing items are made of high-quality material. Their bold graphics and eye-captured logos make our clothing items different from other brands. A shirt and hoodie from our brand you can dress up and down. You can get an outfit according to your choice at a reasonable price. 

Choose the Perfect Anti Social Shirt

The brand offers a wide range of excellent t-shirts. You can enhance your style with these shirts. All bright colors are available. You can wear an Anti Social Social Club T-shirt on different occasions. The cutting edges and fitness make them unique. 

All shirts are designed with bold prints and graphics with a streetwear touch. These shirts have become the symbol of fashion. Go and get a shirt that makes you stand out in the crowd. Nowadays, our tees have become a part of modern streetwear culture. The shirts offer comfort with a crew neck design and long or short sleeves. You can wear them casually. Our tees keep your body cozy while sports, walking, running, yoga, or other outdoor activities. 

What Is Anti-Social Social Club?

Anti Social Social Club is the name of a famous brand, usually known as a streetwear brand. It was mainly found in Los Angeles. In 2015, the world has experienced the hype of the brand. It became famous in a short time, just after its creation. Its founder was said to be an over-ego person. His name is Neek Lurk. Neek Lurk is a well-known person on the internet. 

His real name is Andrew Buenaflor. He has cleared his Business management in Nevada but thought it better to remain in the Internet world. He has made his fan following by making a thread. The name of his thread was What Did You Wear Today (WDYWT). This thread leads him to get some traffic, so few people know him well. He has made significant contributions to the brand known as Stussy. Stussy was a leading American brand at its peak time. 

Neek Lurk worked in his previous company as a Marketing Manager. As is evident from its name, it is related to social media. So, this brand was introduced through Instagram. After some time, it has become known to the world as the most followed and leading clothing brand. This brand was initially based in Los Angeles.

Further ahead, you will see more on this brand. The clothing styles, including long hair with traditional jeans and shirt, made his thread look at a different viewing level. You probably know of the brand YEEZY. Yeezy wears a pair of jeans because of the Neek Lurk. That’s what has created his vision towards clothing. Anti Social Social is abbreviated as ASSC. 

Meaning of the Anti-Social Social Club

The inspiration for creating this brand came from the founder’s mental health struggle at the age of 27. The anti-social social club means not wanting to spend time with or be friendly with other people. The founder used his brand as an emotional outlet for his depression. The first product was an essential hat with the logo on the side. 

Shortly after its founding, the brand became a popular trend. The word “anti-social” in the brand name is often used to describe people who are shy and introverted. Our brand is the best option for people who like streetwear culture. There are a lot of apparel brands that promote ideas of a race to success. But, the  Anti Social Social Club Hoodies is not one of them. This clothing brand constantly speaks of isolation, loneliness, and mental health issues and appeals to the darker corners of the mind. ASSC is a trendy brand. 

The brand creates a following among the young generation with its unique designs. The brand has collaborated with brands like Vans, Supreme, and Kith. The name of the brand and aesthetic are inspired by Lark’s experience growing up as an outsider in Japanese and American cultures. The brand has quickly gained popularity because of its unique designs. 

How can you get an anti-social shirt?

We always try to reach the high expectations of our customers. The official Anti Social Social Club online store is the most reliable source for purchasing excellent clothing items. The brand has partnered with select retailers worldwide to provide authorized product access. You can get your favorite shirt from our official website. You can also get an anti-social shirt from e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

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